[Method] How to Track Anyone on Snapchat in 2022

Have you ever wanted to know the location of someone you are having a conversation within Snapchat? Especially if you do not personally know that someone and just wanted to know their current location, but you are stuck with no platform or software that can do this specific job. Well not anymore. In this tutorial, you will exactly learn how to track the location of any Snapchat user by just using their Snapchat username handle.

Yeah, I know Snapchat has a location-sharing feature called Snap Map but you cannot make use of it if the user is not enabling this feature on you. You still come to a dead end but worry not we are here to do that job for you. Make note this method is different from tracking the location of any iPhone phone tutorial.

Is it possible to track Someone’s Snapchat Account Location?

Yes, it’s very possible that is why we are sharing this tutorial with you. We will show you how it’s very easy to track anyone’s location on Snapchat. You won’t need to download any software or learn any hard coding skills this can be done by just using a mobile phone.

What makes this method even more powerful is that its open-source and does not cost a single dollar to use! That’s right its 100% FREE for everyone.

Why do you need to learn the location of a Snapchat Account?

Some users wanted to learn the location of a Snapchat user simply because they wanted to know the live location of the user. It’s the victim is their family love one their it is comprehendible to know their location every time. Or you just wanted to know your boyfriend, wife, husband, girlfriend’s location then this method is for you!

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Here’s How to Track Someone’s Snapchat Location


  • First off, visit https://iplocate.social/
  • This website offers a variety of social media tracking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp and more but we are here to learn how to track a Snapchat account. Please choose Snapchat.
  • Enter the Snapchat username on the field where it asks.
  • Click on the search button on the right side or just press enter.
  • Click on the confirmation button.
  • The iplocate.social will locate and find the IP address of the user and using their IP address it is now very easy to track their location.
  • On the next page, you will see some primary details but most of them are locked.
  • You will need to “Unlock all details” to view their IP address and current location.

If you have successfully unlocked all the details this is what it looks like see image. As you can see all important details on tracking the Snapchat user are there such as the IPv4, country, state/region, and even the City location.

how to track someone's snapchat
Track the location of someone on Snapchat

If you are hesitant if the Country, City location are incorrect then you can just copy the ipv4 value and enter it on any IP address location websites such as https://www.whatismyip.com/

What Make This Tool Unique

  • 100% Free
  • Does not directly accessing Snapchat servers so its 100% Safe.
  • No need to download any software.
  • No need to learn any coding skills.
  • Very easy to use GUI.
  • Not using any Snapchat API’s
  • No need to make use of Snap Map feature.

How Does This Work?

IPLocate.social primarily pulls the snapchat users IP address by sending tiny packets of data using the Snapchat username provided and if the packet returns a value then the IP address is exposed and using the IP address, they can easily track the location of the snapchat account in real-time.

IPLocate.social provides this service 100% Free of any charge but we do not know if they will eventually charge user to use the service. This is actually a very powerful service and Facebook probably didn’t knew about this.

If you want to go deeper then you can simply hack the snapchat account and access everything on that account such as the conversation, photoss and videos shared, contacts and more..

5 Best Free iPhone Tracking and Spying App 2021

Are you looking for the best free iPhone tracking and spying app? There are so many applications out there and it can be hard to tell which one is worth your time and money. But we will focus on effective and free iPhone tracking apps. In this article, I will list some of the most effective tools available out there! Some of these tools are paid and some are completely FREE that has the same feature as those paid ones.

So Why Should You Track An iPhone Device User?

These Spying tools for iPhone is a very handy and convenient way of monitoring your husband or wife, kids, girlfriend or boyfriend, or even employees! Using these iPhone spy software program can give you full access to everything on that person’s mobile device you wish to track. You can have access to the victim’s text messages, call logs, camera images, deleted pics, call histories, GPS location, incoming and outgoing calls, and many other things. Most of these features can be performed by the tracker of the mobile device even if they have disabled the spyware.

There are several Spy Apps For iPhone available but few of them have some specific features that are quite useful to us. Especially for spying an iPhone device which has some hard security policy.

Here are the 5 Best Spy Tools for iPhone and or Android.

#1 GPSCellPhoneLocator

iPhone Spy Tools - GPSCellphonelocator.com
iPhone Spy Tools – GPSCellphonelocator.com.jpg

GPSCellPhoneLocator.com – This is the most used spying tool for iPhone and Android users. I have been using GPSCellPhoneLocator.com for a couple of years now. This is the ideal way to keep track of people, especially if you want to keep an eye on your children or employees. You can easily use these on both devices since this is an online-based spying program.

GPSCellPhoneLocator.com does not only tracks the victim’s current location but also call logs, messages, images/videos, and much much more. visit the website for more information. The biggest advantage of this tool is that you do not need to download or install anything from your PC/MAC device. They are entirely web-based so you can use it from basically anywhere.

#2 PhoneSheriff

PhoneSheriff – It’s a free tool that allows you to gather information on any cell phone. But if you want to use its full features you need to pay for it. It displays some basic information such as SMS message types, number, name, and address in detail. It also has a function to check the availability of call logs and contacts. To use the iPhone spyware you must first download the target iOS devices onto your computer. Next, install PhoneSheriff onto each of the ios devices that you wish to track. Then let PhoneSheriff run in stealth mode. It will not do anything else until you set it up with the ios devices that you have.

PhoneSheriff: is another impressive iPhone phone app. PhoneSheriff is my second choice next to GPSCellPhoneLocator.com for a powerful cellphone tracker app. Free on iPhone, but you must pay if you want unlimited use. With an my target device you can spy on your children, view call history, take calls privately, and more. This is definitely worth the money if you have more than one child that you want to monitor.

#3 FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy – Is another iPhone Phone spying tool. It works with any iPhone and runs on the iPhone’s internal network. You can monitor up to 5 different phones at once with this program. FlexiSpy records video and takes screen shots, as well. This is the easiest way to gather evidence and document anything that is going on without getting caught by your target device.


MSPY – MSPY is another spy software for iPhone and works on almost all iPhone mobile. This tool is NOT FREE and you have to pay for every single feature it offers. It not only does it record conversations but it also comes with a ticket system for extra security. You can also purchase additional MSPY membership for mass surveillance of multiple phones like for your employees, children, etc. Like FlexiSpy, this is a great way to keep an eye on your targets while they are unaware.

#5 Spy Bubbles

Spy Bubbles – is another iPhone spy app that will monitor any activity. The good thing about Spy Bubbles is that it works seamlessly on jailbroken iPhones. This means that if your iPhone is jailbroken, this application will work with no problems. All you need to do is install the app and it will begin working. Once it has been installed, you will be able to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls, SMS text and other activity that is occurring on your iPhone.

With this capability, you will know exactly what messages have been read by your spouse. Other spying applications are capable of logging all contacts that are sent and received on the devices. Using this feature, you will be able to discover who your child is talking to and keep them away from online predators. For those who are constantly worrying that their children may be involved in drugs or alcohol, this software is a must-have. You will have full access to the phone activity of any child with this amazing tool.

Which of these iPhone Spy Programs The Best?

In my opinion, GPSCellPhoneLocator.com is the best one yet iPhone Spy Software – this spy program is 100% FREE and does not require you to pay for the extra features. This is probably the best cell phone software available. It is the program I recommend for effective spying activities. Like if you are investigating your spouse for cheating and trying to gather evidence. If you are just concerned with catching a cheating spouse or girlfriend, you should look into FlexiSpy and MSPY.

Personal Thoughts

The best spy apps can cost quite a bit, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Check out the free versions first. They are usually much more reliable than the paid versions and will give you all of the evidence you need. GPSCellPhoneLocator.com and MSPY are both highly effective and will allow you to get just the results that you are looking for. Take your time when choosing between the two because you do not want to spend a lot of money, but also get the right tool for your need.

Cellphones have become a necessary part of our lives and need to be monitored constantly to avoid threats and security risks like theft and identity theft. Using these advanced spying tools applications, we can remotely keep an eye on our loved ones and keep them safe.

Quickly Generate A Temporary Email Address

Are you bombarded with spam on your personal email address inbox? This is probably because you have been using your personal email address to sign up websites that send you automatic newsletters and updates. In some cases, these websites sell your email address to other entities and those entities send you another batch of unsolicited emails. And I could go on. Well, if you can’t avoid signing up on that particular website then at least use a temporary email address.

A temporary email address is also called a disposable email address. These email addresses are widely used by techie users worldwide they have been around for more than 10 years in the internet and you probably just discovered them by reading this post.

Today, I am going to share to you a really cool disposable email address generator website that generates instant email address that you can use right away to sign up on any website you want and acquire the confirmation email easily. I have been personally using this website for almost everyday on my internet life. Rest assured this is the most safe and sleek temporary email address generator you could find online.

Why You Need A Temporary Email Address?

Well, as I have said earlier websites sells your personal information to other entities that includes your personal email address. Now, you want to avoid that since spams will get file up on your inbox and you are get bored with your mailbox because all you see are spam.

If you sign up on a website that doesn’t particularly give importance to you then a temporary email address is the way to go. Plus it’s anonymous who don’t want to be anonymous online?

Here’s A Tutorial How To Use A Temporary Email Address

  • First off, Simply go to https://instant-email.org/ – there are many temporary email address provider this one is my personal favorite. They are simple, easy, FAST, and most importantly fewer ADS – for me that’s important.
  • You can see right away that textbox where you can edit your username and choose a domain name for your temp mail address.
Temporary email address
Instant-email.org GUI – Temporary email address
  • Now, you can easily set what username you want and what domain you want to choose. As you can see, they have numerous domains to choose from. You can even use them to sign up on Facebook. I tried one myself.
  • With these, you can sign up with an unlimited number of accounts on some websites without using yahoo mail or other email address provider that are very hard to sign-up because they have a phone verification system.
  • After you choose a domain you can see below instantly the email address you have just generated and it’s ready to use!
Temporary email address 1 - Quickly Generate A Temporary Email Address
Insant-email.org GUI – Temporary email address
  • Now, I will try to sign-up on disqus using this email address. Watch and learn!
Working Temp Mail
Testing Instant-email.org on Disqus – Working Temp Mail
  • After I clicked the sign up button its done. Now go back to insant-email.org and see if you received the confirmation email.
Testing Instant-email.org on disqus
Testing Instant-email.org on disqus
  • And there you have it! Our temp mail is fully working. You can use this email address on any website you want to sign up to.

Personal Thought

You should love how powerful that tool is. Imagine not using your personal email address to some websites that may send you spam emails. You should know that most of them will tell you “We do not spam” then you could see your mailbox getting full with spam right after you sign-up on them.

You should also note that since this is a temporary email address. Use it only to something not so important. Because when you read their Privacy Policy it says that they do not store your emails in more than 3 days. So meaning after 3 days your emails will be gone for good!

One more thing that I like on Instant-email.org is that they frequently change their list of domains to avoid blockage from websites. How, cool and responsible is that?

How to Unseen An Instagram Story After You Seen It? And more Questions

I got so many questions about this is it possible to see who viewed your Instagram stories after 24 hours? Well, today we are about to answer the 3 famous questions about Instagram Stories.  Some of them are pretty easy to answer you just need common sense. LOL. Anyway here we go.

Today, I am going to answer some of the frequently asked question about Instgram stories such as the following questions:

  1. How to see who viewed my Instagram story after 24 hours.
  2. Can someone see that i viewed their Instagram story if we are not friends?
  3. How to unseen an Instagram story after you seen it?
  4. Can someone see that i viewed their Instagram story if i already blocked them?
  5. If i restrict someone on Instagram can they see i viewed their story?
Question #1

How to see who viewed Your Instagram Stories after 24 Hours

Instagram Story

Okay, on March 2019 Instagram did an update and removed the feature where you are able to see who viewed your Instagram stories even after 24 hours or not active. It dismayed a lot of users since you really wanna know if someone might be stalking your profile.

So, is it possible to view your Instagram stories after 24 hours?


Its NOT. Instagram did this internal update and unfortunately there is no coming back. There are no options that will enable you to see it again. You will only see the number of views it got after it got archived.

Question #2

Can someone see that I viewed their Instagram story even if we are not friends?

You got to stalk someone and browse their profile and want to see their current story. You are not friend with that user and you are not following him / her either. You were confident that they wont see you that you viewed his / her Instagram story. Wrong!


If you viewed the users Instagram story even if you are following him / her they can still see you that you viewed their Instagram story. And that will get you to another question how to unseen that Instagram story that you just viewed?

Question #3

How to unseen an Instagram story after you seen it?

Unfortunately, you viewed your crush / enemy / someone you always stalk Instagram story and you are panicking on what the fck you just did. You just lowered your ego. But don’t worry there is a little trick how to unseen an Instagram story.


You can unseen an Instagram story if you block the user. Yes, when you block the user all your activity with that user’s profile such as likes, comments, hearts whatever will be gone that includes the viewing of his / her story. I know it’s sad but it’s the only way.

I should note that if you block the user you will automatically unfollow that account. If you want to unblock him / her you have to follow them again that raises a flag on the user. And if you ever blocked him / her and decided to unblock him / her again. All of your activity with that profile will come back to life.

Question #4

Can someone see that I viewed their instagram story if I Already blocked them?

First, you cannot see their Instagram profile since you already blocked them. And nope, you cannot see their Instagram story either.


When you block someone, you won’t be able to see that someone on entire Instagram network as if like they are non-existent accounts.

Question #5

If I restrict someone on instagram can they see I viewed their story?

First, what is “restrict” feature on Instagram? In It means that you can restrict that user from your account. He / she can still browse your activity even comment and react on your posts but you have the option to either approve his / her comment or not. Users you have restricted won’t be able to automatically posts comments on your uploads you have to approve them first.

If they message you, you can see their messages but they wont be able to know if you have viewed them. Here’s how to enable and use it.

Now, lets go back to the question if you have restricted someone’s profile but want to view their story can that profile see that you have viewed their story?


YES! He can see you viewing his / her story like you are a normal user.

All of these questions fall on the main fact that all you want to do is view that users Instagram story but you don’t want that user to see that you are viewing their stories. There are solutions to come around on this problem but with great work. Such as creating a new random account and following that user and from that account you can do whatever you want anonymously.

Bonus Tip: How to Get Free Instagram Followers without Following Anyone Back

Here’s A Quick Video Explained

5 Common Credit Card Scams That You Should Watch Out!

Scams are pretty much on every corner of the planet! Its like they are a part of the economy. Scammers are everywhere just waiting for you, waiting for an opening then they will strike. Some scammers will do their heist personally. They just sit on their chair and use a computer with internet and they can scam anybody so naïve just like you. The scam I am about to share to you is about credit card scams. Here are the five common credit card scams that you need to be aware off and easily prevent you from losing money.

Credit card scams mean when the hackers stole the card information through several methods or schemes that the naïve victim fall into. Hackers have high-tech knowledge of taking third party information well such as your credit card information that involves your name, credit card number, the CVV code and expiration date. Which all the information needs to start using your credit card.

Scammers uses the credit card and making legitimate purchases and making any payments online or even shopping locally if they have copied your whole credit card. Hundreds if not thousands fall trap on these credit card scams.

You should be glad that banks are upgrading their security system and providing their users a better and more secure banking experience such as enabling two-factor authentication method when buying something, they are hiring investigators to easily detect if anyone tries to hack the bank accounts’ information.

Here are the top 5 Credit Card Scams and How You Can Avoid Them


In 2019 more than 3$ million worth of credit card scams has been reported worldwide and 2.7$ million on the year before. That only means that these scammers are getting better on what they do. Without further ado here’s the top 5 most common credit card scams and we’ll help you avoid them.

Credit card or save up to a certain extent when the person uses the card with proper safety. Till today thousands of scams have taken place. Nowadays, people use credit cards at several places like while shopping online, purchasing online games, etc. The hacker installs software at different websites, which helps them to provide all the information.

The Top Five Credit Card Scams

Fake Shopping Website

Fake Shopping Website
Login into account in email envelope and fishing for private financial account information. Vector concept of phishing scam, hacker attack and web security

Hackers create their shopping websites and offer various discounts to attract customers. This is one of the most common credit card scams that every user can run into.

The primary purpose of making the website is to hack the card information of online shoppers. It is one of the simplest ways to create a scam and many falls for it. Especially women where they are so naïve with online hacking / scamming activities. The online payment technology has made payment easy but has also given rise to hacking.

Many people save their credit card information on an online website to make transactions in the future easily. The team of hackers steals the collected data. The person should prioritize cash on delivery instead of using credit cards. 

How to Avoid This Scam

Do not use your personal credit card when purchasing on unknown shopping website. Use cash on delivery method instead if they offer it. Otherwise, just forget about the website.

Before you use your personal credit card try using a fake credit card number with details first.

Fake WIFI connections

Many hackers trace the wifi details and try to hack personal information. Always buy products from genuine websites using only your trusted internet connection such as your own phone data. Or your own internet data device. They just connect to a FREE WIFI establishment as you do not know whose reading your data transmitted.

Be attentive while choosing WIFI network because it may cause a significant loss to the account holder.

How to Avoid This Scam

This scam is pretty easy to avoid. One should not connect to any untrusted WIFI network like the WIFI on your favorite café. Now, if you do not have a choice and need to connect to it. Then just use it with normally and do not buy anything online using that WIFI network. Browse the internet, check your social media accounts, update your Instagram account etc. Just remember do not input sensitive information such as your credit card information or login password.

Online Gaming Websites

Many people love playing games online. A lot of these games has their own monetary system that you can buy using real money and purchase your favorite item or character on the game. Avid players tempted to buy and eventually when they do they enter their credit card details to buy the game or credits or gold of their favorite game.

This method is fairly similar with the fake shopping website. Hackers target online gamers since some of them are just kids that uses their parents credit card which make them perfect victims.

How to Avoid This Scam

1. Now, if you are reading this meaning you are an adult with a credit card most probably. Don’t let anyone, yes anyone including your kids borrow your credit card or hide it somewhere where your kids cannot get access to it.
2. Buy only on legitimate websites.

Phone Call Frauds

Credit Card Scam Phone Call
Senior woman using phone while holding credit card.

Phone calls fraud is the simplest way to ask the information from the account holder. Hackers place the fake call and ask for the card details by creating a bewildering conversation game to the victim. Sometimes they lie to the users that their account is getting close, so if they will ask for your credit card information to avoid that from happening and the naïve victim provides the information.

The victim just handed out his / her credit card details and then minutes later you found out there has been a $5,000 worth of online purchase using your credit card.

How to Avoid This Scam

One should never share any sensitive information from your credit card. Even if they introduced their selves as someone from your bank. Even your bank will tell you to not share any information to any of their employees.

Game Account Hacking Scam

The scam / hacker will hack players game ID and password I don’t know how they could hack your game profile such as your Steam account but assuming that they do, they will use your saved credit card details and make another game purchase and send those details on their own accounts. The same card details are used to purchase other games.

The hacker keeps using the card until the balance gets to zero. The young generation is more into online games, so they need to keep their card details safe.

How to Avoid This Scam

One should avoid putting or saving credit card details for purchasing games from unknown sources.


Nowadays, one should be careful when making purchases using their credit cards and protecting their identity online. Many hackers have evolved and are better on what they do. Making fake websites is one thing. They are not only creating shopping websites but also making video games that attract kids. Some don’t even need to leave their house just to scam somebody. Children have the least knowledge of credit cards. Everyone should be responsible enough on their finances.

Taking care of your credit card is one of those. Go here for more detailed tips and tricks to avoid credit card scams. I hope you learn something and enjoyed the reading.

CISCO Found Two Vulnerabilities on Zoom Software

Zoom has a sudden surge of users when this pandemic begun. Employers are requiring their people to start working from home and group video calling is in demand. Zoom is the most favorite tool for video meeting, schooling, social talking.

Since zoom is now one of the center of technology used during this crisis. Attackers didn’t missed the chance to find vulnerabilities to it and successfully found one and ultimately used it to make fun.

The Zoom Software Vulnerabilities

One report about this issue was published by ADnews which apparently showed how hacker are able to interrupt a netting and show some pornographic images and spew hate speech.

From the Cisco Talos blog found two major vulnerabilities on the popular video conferencing software. The vulnerability explained that the attacker could use it to execute malicious code on the victims machines.

Zoom client software and Giphy extension (TALOS-2020-1055/CVE-2020-6109)

Code named (TALOS-2020-1055/CVE-2020-6109) the vulnerability found an exploitable path on the Zoom client Installer sofware version 4.6.10 that process messages that includes GIF’s or the Giphy feature.

Originally, only Giphy server could use the feature and process GIF’s messages. The attacker are able to use the path of this connection to inject malicious codes on it and trigger the vulnerability and execute it on the victims machines. We don’t have all day to explain the vulnerability so read here for more information about it.

The second zoom software vulnerability is the feature in which it stores zip files and automatically unpacking and user downloaded compressed file. Zoom does not perform validation during the extracting the files.

The vulnerability allows the attacker to inject binary codes on the zip file and executes it on the victims machine when Zoom automatically extract zip files.

This is not the first time that Cisco has able to find vulnerabilities on the software. Last may they also found one and immediately informed the Zoom technical team on it which was later fixed.

Make sure you have your anti-virus installed to avoid any malicious attacks on your PC that will affect your machine directly.

Gandcrab Ransomware – Everything You Need To Know

There’s a new ransomware going around the web. Its named Gandcrab ransomware. Now, you didn’t know what is a ransomware let me tell you some brief definition of it.

What is a Ransomeware?

A ransomware just from its name “ransom” means its a crime that involves money and a hostage. Now this hostage is your files and software stored on the infected machine or PC. The victims files will get encrypted on some language that only the attacker can decryption keys. Meaning you cannot use these files because their system language has been altered to the root! If you have an image file, documents, videos, or anything these files would be unusable. And only the attacker can make it back to normal. Of course, your files are the hostage and the attacker will ask for money to get your files back normal just like this image below.

Gandcrab ransomware
A ransomware pop up on computer screen

And no, you cannot bring them back to normal on your own. Even if you hire some top-notched computer security guy. They might be albe to crack the encrpytion but it will definitely take a lengthy amount of time and I mean lengthy I mean years of non-stop decryption. Well, I guess if you are lucky they you can call an FBI-network security guy then they might be able to fix it in no time.

What is GandCrab?

GandCrab ransomware Its a ransomeware virus that attacked more than 500,000 companies worldwide since July of 2018. And just last year it has attacked Vietname and most of Asian countries.

Where GandCrab Originated?

It’s not clear where this virus originated or who made it. On my personal opinion since its been attacking most of Asian countires it should something to do with our Chinese friends.

How to get infected with GandCrab?

  • Gandcrab like most of the viruses disguised itself a legit file. Gandcrab displays as a legitimate archive file with a file name .rar it can get attached to emails and email server cannot detect it. The email containing the virus would be sent to companies employees. The victim opens the .rar file and it will start attacking the machine, encrypting everything on its sight.

How to get back the encrpyted files?

When GandCrab ransomware was opened it will start encrypting files on the victims PC and will open a window that asks for a ransom money ranges from USD400 – USD1,000. However, after the payment its not 100% sure you will get back your files.

How to prevent such attacks?

  • Since this is fairly new kind of virus. It’s very hard to detect whether its a legitimate file or not. Anti-virus software cannot even detect is as a virus. Just don’t open random files on an email that came from someone you don’t know.
  • Make sure you have anti-virus installed on your PC. Most ransomware or almost 90% or computer viruses can be detected with the help of an anti-virus software.
  • Do not open malicious looking files. Especially from unknown email address.
  • For more details on how to prevent such attacks visit this tips to avoid email scams.