How to Unseen An Instagram Story After You Seen It? And more Questions

I got so many questions about this is it possible to see who viewed your Instagram stories after 24 hours? Well, today we are about to answer the 3 famous questions about Instagram Stories.  Some of them are pretty easy to answer you just need common sense. LOL. Anyway here we go.

Today, I am going to answer some of the frequently asked question about Instgram stories such as the following questions:

  1. How to see who viewed my Instagram story after 24 hours.
  2. Can someone see that i viewed their Instagram story if we are not friends?
  3. How to unseen an Instagram story after you seen it?
  4. Can someone see that i viewed their Instagram story if i already blocked them?
  5. If i restrict someone on Instagram can they see i viewed their story?
Question #1

How to see who viewed Your Instagram Stories after 24 Hours

Instagram Story

Okay, on March 2019 Instagram did an update and removed the feature where you are able to see who viewed your Instagram stories even after 24 hours or not active. It dismayed a lot of users since you really wanna know if someone might be stalking your profile.

So, is it possible to view your Instagram stories after 24 hours?


Its NOT. Instagram did this internal update and unfortunately there is no coming back. There are no options that will enable you to see it again. You will only see the number of views it got after it got archived.

Question #2

Can someone see that I viewed their Instagram story even if we are not friends?

You got to stalk someone and browse their profile and want to see their current story. You are not friend with that user and you are not following him / her either. You were confident that they wont see you that you viewed his / her Instagram story. Wrong!

Question #3

How to unseen an Instagram story after you seen it?

Unfortunately, you viewed your crush / enemy / someone you always stalk Instagram story and you are panicking on what the fck you just did. You just lowered your ego. But don’t worry there is a little trick how to unseen an Instagram story.


You can unseen an Instagram story if you block the user. Yes, when you block the user all your activity with that user’s profile such as likes, comments, hearts whatever will be gone that includes the viewing of his / her story. I know it’s sad but it’s the only way.

I should note that if you block the user you will automatically unfollow that account. If you want to unblock him / her you have to follow them again that raises a flag on the user. And if you ever blocked him / her and decided to unblock him / her again. All of your activity with that profile will come back to life.

Question #4

Can someone see that I viewed their instagram story if I Already blocked them?

First, you cannot see their Instagram profile since you already blocked them. And nope, you cannot see their Instagram story either.


When you block someone, you won’t be able to see that someone on entire Instagram network as if like they are non-existent accounts.

Question #5

If I restrict someone on instagram can they see I viewed their story?

First, what is “restrict” feature on Instagram? In It means that you can restrict that user from your account. He / she can still browse your activity even comment and react on your posts but you have the option to either approve his / her comment or not. Users you have restricted won’t be able to automatically posts comments on your uploads you have to approve them first.

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If they message you, you can see their messages but they wont be able to know if you have viewed them. Here’s how to enable and use it.

Now, lets go back to the question if you have restricted someone’s profile but want to view their story can that profile see that you have viewed their story?


YES! He can see you viewing his / her story like you are a normal user.

All of these questions fall on the main fact that all you want to do is view that users Instagram story but you don’t want that user to see that you are viewing their stories. There are solutions to come around on this problem but with great work. Such as creating a new random account and following that user and from that account you can do whatever you want anonymously.

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