A Bug Found in Facebook Messenger App for Desktop

How was a situation where your phone suddenly called your EX on your Facebook Messenger App? That’s quite hilarious and you will be pumping in confusion and ask yourself. Who the heck called him/her? Well, that’s probably someone made the call from miles away. Yes, you probably have been hacked! Read this…

When I first read about this issue on ReasonSecurity.com I was quite indecisive and thought Messenger has desktop app? I didn’t know Facebook Messenger has an app for desktop users. Now I know. Well, anyway that’s our subject for today.

A ReasonSecurity researcher, Shai Alfasi, found bug on Facebook Messenger for desktop. This bug uses persistence method. The bug is already fixed with the latest version of the app. You just have to update your older version and you are good to go.

The bug found on the app which is available on Microsoft app store executes series of code that should not be executed. uh, Talk about bugs. This bug which can be found on the version of Messenger 460.16 which of course you can no longer use since Facebook already aware of the issue and has updated the app.

The bug results to a vulnerability and causes the app to kinda malfunction internally this gives a way to hackers to infiltrate a video call or executes resource within the Messenger code so they can run their malware. This vulnerability gives the attacker plenty of time to execute what they want to the victims Messenger app. Reasons Labs claimed they are the first to identify the bug.

The Persistence Method Bug

Persistence bug is a method in which attacker uses so he won’t lose the connection between him and the victim. He needs the time to perform and execute series of commands to the victims machine.

Researchers can easily discover this method because the only logic malware requires to be successful are the following:

  • The attacker should be able to communicate to the victims machine.
  • The attacker should be able to run his codes.
  • The attacker should be untraceable by antiviruses.

Thought most antiviruses are able to automatically remove these threat since it can detect what is going on on your system files. It monitors your files behavior and are able to pinpoint a threat.

No reports of Threat

Internet users has dramatically increased on the past months since this COVID-19 pandemic started. Facebook alone reports 70% increase on the Facebook App usages globally. Before the discovery of the bug. There are 1.3 Billion of active users in Messenger but there are no reports from users of hacking. So we can quite sure that no one are able to take advantage of it yet. And wont be able to take advantage on it since it’s already fixed.

For more details about this bug you can to the ReasonsLab website and read the article their for complete details.

5 Great Must-Have Apps for Mobile Photography

Mobile photography is now in! The rise of mobile phones with great camera specs are most-required feature by users! Well, in my opinion iPhone cameras has the best camera so far without using any photo filtering and auto rendering apps. But anyway, there are great things that only these apps can do!

There are many photo editing apps available on the smartphone which can convert your picture into art. There are multiple types of editing options like brightness, shadow, exposure, contrast, etc.

There are different types of photo editing apps in Play Store which are both paid and non-paid. We have selected some of the best editing apps from Play Store for you using which you can edit your pictures.

Also, check for the links below each application. 

Here are my top 5 Must Have Apps for Mobile Photography

1. PicsArt Photo editor

PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt is a very famous photo and video editing app. It is easy to use and has different types of tools.

It contains many filters. It has some magic effects, stickers, frames, backgrounds, and many more. This app is free to use and the ad-free version costs you a certain amount of charges.

Download PicsArt Photo editor
Google Play Download Link

2. Prisma

Prisma - Photo editing apps

This app was launched a couple of years ago. This app has artificial intelligence, so the photos will make you amazed. It can make your photo look like Picasso, munch, etc.

There are more than 300 art styles and you can select your favorite one. The other apps have also similar effects, Prisma is still the veritable one. This app is free to use.

Download Prisma Photo editor
Google Play Download Link

3. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe lightroom android - mobile photography apps

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an intuitive photo editor. It helps you to capture stunning images. It is easy to use and has various filters and sliders. It has a Pro-level camera in which you can choose your edit type HDR timer, exposure, and more. This app has its own cloud storage in which you can upload your photo and you can access from any device or online. You can edit your photo in detail using healing brush according to your size. This app teaches you to step by step editing lessons by photographers. This app is free to use.

Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Google Play Download Link

4. Snapseed

Snapseed - photo editing apps 2020

This app is made by Google. It contains different features like healing, tonal contrast, and more. It has an option of import RAW images so that you can edit your high-quality photos. It is a professional photo editor with different types of a tool like HDR, structure, and more. All photos can be edited in precise control. You can crop, rotate, expand, lens blur, grunge your photo in a cool way. Support Dark theme in settings. This app is free to use.

Download Snapseed Photo Editor
Google Play Download Link


VSCO Photo and video editor app

VSCO is an advanced photo and video editor. Well, its one of the most hyped photo editor apps worldwide. Celebrities use it! Most feature is a must have though it comes with a annual fee.

It offers you to edit your photo in a creative way. It makes your photography by using VSCO presets. It gives your picture excellent quality. It gives you contrasting filters with exclusive challenges in a week. 

VSCO gives membership trial for 7 days. When the trial is over you will be charged with a membership fee. This app is free to use.

Download VSCO Photo Editor
Google Play Download Link

Bonus App

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe photoshop express photo editor app android - 5 Great Must-Have Apps for Mobile Photography

Is a spectacular app for mobile photo editing. It is a lighter version of Adobe Lightroom but still has different things to explore. You can apply blur, add borders, filters, and more. It also supports importing photo option in it. This makes your photo look as if it is taken from a DSLR camera. 

It is fun to use. Gives you different options for making collages. It is easy and fast and transforms your photo into a great picture. You can make your own stickers, adjust colour. This app can generate memes. Instantly fix distorted camera angles. It gives you hundreds of looks, filters, vibrance, and many more. It removes dark spots from photos. This app is free to use.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express
Google Play Download Link

A-Must Have Features For A Great Photo Editing App


The applications provide you with excellent filters for editing. From a black and white picture to a colourful one use any filter to enhance the quality of your picture. There are various types of filters select according to your picture.

Photo filtering apps - 5 Great Must-Have Apps for Mobile Photography
Kiev, Ukraine – May 30, 2014: Person apply digital filters to the image in Instagram application on a brand new Apple iPhone 5S. Instagram is a mobile social networking service, launched in October 2010.


You will get amazing options for brightness in the applications and make your photo dull or bright. The applications come with various option of brightness. You either brighten up your picture like a twinkling star or reduce the brightness like outer space. It’s up to you how you want to use the feature.


Contrast basically helps you increase the colour content in a picture and highlight helps you to highlight the picture by using this feature you can bring in life even to the deadliest picture. 

Contrast and highlights mobile photo editor apps app
bright abstract fractal background of circles and geometric elements. Beautiful abstract fractal to highlight individual groups of objects. You can use it for laptop cover, phone case, Wallpaper


The applications gives you blur option to make your photo look amazing as if it is taken from a professional camera. You can blur the background and make it stunning.

making a blurred background image - photo editing apps
A young woman is looking up between two bridges in the city.


You can change the background of your picture by background changing option. By removing the original background and putting in any background from the various option. The applications have many different types of background so that you can make your picture terrific. 


This feature gives you the option to cut the length of your picture. This option is mainly used to change the size of the image. You can crop your picture in any shape you want. 


When your photo is not taken from a correct angle this feature helps you to correct the position of your picture. This option gives you different angles to enhance your picture.


Under this feature, you can join two or more pictures under a single frame. Basically, one picture consists of many pictures.

Create a photo collage with photo editing apps
Headshots Of Multi-Ethnic Group in polaroids over black background, Valentine’s Day concept


You can add various stickers to your pictures like emojis, flowers, hairstyle, and many more. This makes your picture look attractive and cool.


This feature helps you to remove unnecessary marks from your picture and gives you an amazing finishing. This option is mainly used in selfies.


This option removes redness from your eyes and makes your picture look normal and fantastic. The red-eye occurs due to the flash of your smartphone in darkness. Thus with the help of this feature, you can remove the red eyes reflection from the picture. 

CISCO Found Two Vulnerabilities on Zoom Software

Zoom has a sudden surge of users when this pandemic begun. Employers are requiring their people to start working from home and group video calling is in demand. Zoom is the most favorite tool for video meeting, schooling, social talking.

Since zoom is now one of the center of technology used during this crisis. Attackers didn’t missed the chance to find vulnerabilities to it and successfully found one and ultimately used it to make fun.

The Zoom Software Vulnerabilities

One report about this issue was published by ADnews which apparently showed how hacker are able to interrupt a netting and show some pornographic images and spew hate speech.

From the Cisco Talos blog found two major vulnerabilities on the popular video conferencing software. The vulnerability explained that the attacker could use it to execute malicious code on the victims machines.

Zoom client software and Giphy extension (TALOS-2020-1055/CVE-2020-6109)

Code named (TALOS-2020-1055/CVE-2020-6109) the vulnerability found an exploitable path on the Zoom client Installer sofware version 4.6.10 that process messages that includes GIF’s or the Giphy feature.

Originally, only Giphy server could use the feature and process GIF’s messages. The attacker are able to use the path of this connection to inject malicious codes on it and trigger the vulnerability and execute it on the victims machines. We don’t have all day to explain the vulnerability so read here for more information about it.

The second zoom software vulnerability is the feature in which it stores zip files and automatically unpacking and user downloaded compressed file. Zoom does not perform validation during the extracting the files.

The vulnerability allows the attacker to inject binary codes on the zip file and executes it on the victims machine when Zoom automatically extract zip files.

This is not the first time that Cisco has able to find vulnerabilities on the software. Last may they also found one and immediately informed the Zoom technical team on it which was later fixed.

Make sure you have your anti-virus installed to avoid any malicious attacks on your PC that will affect your machine directly.

Make a Strikethrough Text Generator L̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶

Making a strikethrough effect l̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ was hard before this strikethrough text generator has been developed by xedricity.com. This actually solves your problem with making this kind of cross text effect!

Before this generator has been made you need to have a little bit of HTML coding knowledge. Since this only works with some HTML tags such as <del> tag and <s> tag. Such as this example below:

<del>69.99USD</del> which converts to 6̶9̶.̶9̶9̶U̶S̶D̶

Why You Need This Strikethough Text Generator?

Now, the problem with HTML tags is you cannot use it if you are posting on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or anywhere that you don’t have the right to put HTML codes. If you want to post a product and give a discount or post a sale on it. Making a cross out text on the prices before its on sale gives more emphasis that the product has been discounted. You got it?

Like this:

For sale TShirt Before 6̶9̶.̶9̶9̶U̶S̶D̶ now on sale at 39.99USD

Here comes to the rescue a developer xedricity that developed a strikethough text generator.

How to Generate a Strikethrough Text

Want to generate a strikethrough text? No need to download any software simply follow this! The easiest Strikethrough text generator you will ever need.

strikethrough text generator
  • Click on the Cross out yellow button
  • The strikedthough text will be displayed on the below textbox
cross out text generator
  • Copy the result and paste it anywhere you want. Such as facebook, twitterm youtube absolutely anywhere!

5 Best Keyboard App for Android in 2020

Are you tired of using the same old keyboard on your android phone? If yes, you have reached the right place. In this post we will discuss about the best android keyboard apps for you. We will discuss about the importance of choosing the right keyboard app, compare certain factors and choose the best one for you.

There are many Keyboard Apps available on Goggle Play Store, but only few are considered the best keyboard app for android in this year of 2020. You can easy download these apps to improve your keyboard functions. Gone are the days where you have to stick to a particular keyboard with limited functions.

Now you can change your keyboard anytime you want. With latest keyboard apps for android, you can change the theme, functions and settings and customize it as per your wish.

Why is it important to choose the right keyboard app?

best keyboard app for android

When buying a new phone we pay attention to factors like camera quality, battery backup, RAM, and other features. Nobody ever pays attention to the keyboard.

But a keyboard is a very important part of your phone. Without a good keyboard, you cannot enjoy the functions in your phone. As all the functions are accessed through keyboard.

A good keyboard can increase your typing speed, enhance your chatting experience, correct your grammar, auto correct your typing error, provides dictionary.

You can match the keyboard colour and theme to make your phone look more stylish and improve keyboard functionality.

But you also have to be really careful while choosing a keyboard app. There are various hacking applications which can record the keystrokes. As these keystrokes are recorded, your passwords can be hacked easily.

Also many keyboard save your typing pattern to provide quick solutions while typing most used words. It can also disclose your secret. So you need to beware.

If you want to avoid these issues and enjoy using the keyboard on your phone, you can download a keyboard app. Here are some of the best keyboard apps for android available on Play Store.

Best Keyboard Apps for your Android Phone:

Here are the best keyboard apps for your android phone. If you like any of these keyboard apps you can download it in one click as we will provide direct downloading link from Play Store.


Gboard keyboard app for android

It is one of the top ranked keyboard developed by Google. It is already pre-installed in some smart phones. The best part about this keyboard is that there are no in between advertisement.

There are no upgraded versions as well. You can enjoy all the ultimate features in this single keyboard app. And the second best thing about this keyboard is that, it is very easy to use. It is available for android as well as iOS device.

Benefits of using Gboard:

  • Enjoy Voice typing
  • Glide typing
  • Handwriting function
  • Emoji search
  • GIF’s
  • Multilingual
  • Google translate
  • Stylish
  • Dictionary function
  • Simple user-interface
  • Available for free

Download Gboard



Microsoft Swift Keyboard app for android

This keyboard app is developed by Microsoft. You can use this keyboard if you like to type really fast. You can send emoji sans well as GIF with this app. This app works in a smart way. It will learn your typing style and pattern to suggest the word you use the most. It has one of the best auto-prediction feature.

Benefits of using SwiftKey:

  • Emoji Keyboard
  • Type with a swipe
  • Type with a tap
  • Check spelling mistakes
  • Auto-prediction
  • Customize with toolbar
  • Change keyboard themes and size
  • Multilingual

Download SwiftKey



Chrooma Keyboard App for Android

This keyboard app looks like any ordinary app but once you start using it, you will know its actual worth. One of the most exiting feature this keyboard app provides is changing themes. It change themes as per the apps you use.

Example, if you are using Facebook, the keyboard theme will change to blue and white. If you are using Wynk Music, it will change to red and white. This keyboard can be upgraded to premium version. It is available for $6.99.

Benefits of using Chrooma:

  • Smart keyboard with AI
  • Personalization and customization options
  • Colourful Keyboard
  • Adaptive keyboard
  • Fancy and stylish
  • Prediction and suggestion
  • Night mode
  • Gif and emoji feature
  • Multilingual

Download Chrooma



Flesky Keyboard App for android

It is a fun app. If you want to use a smart keyboard, this app is perfect for you. Enjoy more than 50 themes with this keyboard. You can use extensions to customize this keyboard as per your style. Earn badges and rewards by making typing fun. It help to improve your typing speed. You can access other apps provided by the same developer with this keyboard app. Most of the themes are free. Enjoy 42 languages. Use recommended GIFs.

Benefits of using Fleksy:

  • Auto-correction
  • AI Sync
  • Customized themes
  • Access other apps
  • Personal dictionary
  • Fast keyboard
  • Private keyboard function
  • Fleksy gesture

Download Fleksy.



Grammarly keyboard app for android

Now you can enjoy Grammarly keyboard to correct all your typing errors. It is a very sophisticated app. Find all your grammar mistakes like spelling, punctuation, etc. It will also suggest proper fillers. Improve your vocabulary with this keyboard. It can be used while typing a formal request or message. You can improve your writing skills dramatically with Grammarly keyboard app. It is simple and easy to use.

Benefits of using Grammarly:

  • Fix grammar errors
  • Check spelling mistakes
  • Correct punctuation
  • Improve vocabulary
  • Type faster
  • Better choice of words
  • Improve writing skills
  • Auto-correct option
  • Integrate with other apps

Download Grammarly.


These are some of the best and latest keyboard apps for android. You can check all their features, see what fits your requirement and download it.

If you have grammar problems, use Grammarly keyboard app. If you want a simple app, use Gboard. If you want s stylish keyboard app, choose Chrooma. If you want a fast typing keyboard app, choose SwiftKey. All these apps are easy to download and use.

The Rise of Stalking Software Available For the Public

Stalking Someone? It’s Easier Now!

Do you feel like someone knows every bit of information about you? You had an instinct that someone has access your personal computers and mobile phones without you knowing it? Stalkers have their new way on tracking and monitoring their victims through using mobile apps and digital surveillance better known as spyware. How does domestic abusers use smartphones to spy their partners? More and more people who commit violence against their partners are using digital to make their victims’ lives worse. Violence against intimate partners are spread worldwide. It affects nearly one in four women and one in six men at some point in their lives. That violence is harrowing enough. Now imagine that your abusive girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse has the ability to track your location, read text messages, and listen to your phone calls and more.

Spy software comes along or rather runs in a stealth mode therefore, it’s not easy for anyone to know that someone is checking on them. With that, you can easily run your research as long as you want to. Aside from the things that are already mentioned, there are some also that can be considered as its advantage. Employers may install the app to monitor closely their employee’s email or internet activity. It also help them run their work smoothly. People in a relationship might also use this app to track their partners’ personal doings to verify whether they already engage in infidelity which became very common to couple. It can be useful to parents whose primary concern is the welfare of their children through monitoring their phone and social media activity. It enables them to track every movements of their child who have engage most of their time in the internet, especially now a days that social media already became boomerang to them.

Stalking software also called spyware is an application that can be downloaded to someone’s phone to track and monitor the owner of the phone secretly. Accordingly, mobile threat researchers at Avast have detected eight apps on the Google Play Store that enables people to stalk particularly employees, children, boyfriends and girlfriends as well. These apps were published under the following names:


  • All Inclusive Mobile Phone spy
  • Spy on all ios and Android Devices
  • Track Sms, Call logs, App chats, GPS etc.
  • No Rooting or Jail Breaking required
  • Invisible mode, monitor the actively remotely
  • Available for public use here: https://www.spyzie.com/

Spy Kids Tracker

  • Best suitable spy on your kids
  • App which has lot of great features that helps in protecting your kids
  • Personal safety app to keep track of where your family members are

Phone cell Tracker

  • Monitors all internet activity on Target Mobile Phone

Mobile Tracking

  • Security feature in device that will automatically sends the sim contact number to specified recipients to help locate and recover device
  • Tracks gps locations, browser activity and messages

Spy Tracker

  • Next generation of smart phone surveillance
  • Records the incoming and outgoing phone calls, sms and surroundings

SMS Tracker

  • Remotely track and monitor all SMS and MMS, text messages, calls and GPS location
  • Most complete remote tracking and monitoring system for Android Phones
  • Available for the public use example website : https://www.gpscellphonelocator.com/

Employee Work Spy

  • Installed into the company owned smartphones to log activities such as text messages, web history, GPS locations, social media and more
  • Send information to your device to your private viewing account that you can access online from anywhere

Family Employee Monitor

  • This app remotely send, in real time,devices:
  • TEXT

These apps reveal detailed information on victims photos, account passwords, text and email messages and even the eavesdrop of people wherever they are without their permission. Some of this application activates automatically activates cameras and microphones to track and monitor victims easily and with that, 15 feet away the one who installed the software hears and see what the victims actually said and do. How does it all done? You simply installed the app to the target or prospects, enter the license key and let it do its thing. All recorded data is sent to the apps server. The spy app runs in the background and cannot be detected by users.

How does abusers install this without any detection? A person who wants to do bad thing on his victim can get hold of that phone and computer for a very short time can already installed it and do it in a very devious way. Obviously this kind of software is illegal to manufacturer, illegal to advertise and illegal to sell and most specially, it is illegal to use. Its purpose can no longer be called tracking but hacking through reading emails, hearing voice calls and entering into phone calls. There are various key terms on these application but they end up with one function – stalk.

Stalking someone online

To compete globally, we need new discoveries and inventions of applications. We should know that not all applications are used for malicious purposes.  However, along this advancement is the effect it may cause to a certain individual. Stalking, from its word alone is the unwanted or repeated surveillance by an individual or group toward another. Installing a spyware on person’s phone or personal computers can be considered as highly unethical because it’s already against to the rights of people when it comes to privacy. All things or application that had been invented may be beneficial in most cases but can also be harmful in some point. This kind of software once abused by users like employers, stalkers and abusive partners may promote criminal behavior. This only means that the costumers as well as the victims are endangered. Along with more blatant stalking behaviors, there will be an issue of threats of physical or sexual violence. This issue or behavior includes the following:

  • Investigating friends and family of victims to collect information on their current status, whereabouts and new people they are link in.
  • Appearing to place where the targeted person might be
  • Sending unwanted gifts and letters as threats

Along with these, is the sharp rise on cyber stalking activities which include:

  • Threatening to provide information if the victim hesitates to give
  • Sending threatening texts, posts, tweets etc.

It may appear in different forms but the consequences can be unpleasant for the person experiencing. Researchers have consistently shown that being stalked can produced post-traumatic stress, whether it is in person stalking or the other way around. There are some studies shows that victims are far more likely to report depressive symptoms, sleeping problems, lower non-being than those effects from being stalked including physical, social and psychological. In case of relationship affairs installing spyware on their partner’s respective phones is associated with harmful outcomes. These include repeat physical violence, psychological distress and impaired physical or mental health.

Living in this world, with advancement of technologies and surrounded with millennial, people somehow need a kind of application that would generate easy tasks and perform different operations. What are the advantages of spy ware? Can it be a help to other people? One of the advantages of this app is its flexibility since it can be used to both phones and computers. Next, it is user friendly because it is easy and quick to install. It takes only less than 15 minutes and you can find multiple guides on the internet on how to use it. It is also cheap to access because once you buy, you don’t have to keep on updating from time to time. Hence, there are no additional costs unlike other soft wares. Other than that, it has no expiration meaning, you can access this app anytime you wish. It can’t also be tracked easily.

In contrary, stalking software is a very dangerous program. It can harm the user who controls the computer through redirecting web browser, diverting advertising revenue to a third party, installing additional software, accessing websites unknowingly that may cause strong and harmful viruses. It can also get many home pages, slower connection speeds and worst, it may lose some important programs in your computer. Thus, the disadvantages doesn’t only revolve in physical features of phone and computers because the real disadvantage is stalking apps became part of the growing problems on domestic violence and sexual violence. Moreover,85% of Domestic violence cases come from the people who are tracking them. It has been well-documented for almost two decades.

One might hope that spyware of this sort is only available to well-provisioned nation state intelligent agencies, or the very least, computer science experts. Unfortunately, it’s not. Installing this powerful spyware is actually just a few clicks away. Upon searching “mobile trackers “and you’ll find plentiful links that will lead you in monitoring or tracking your targets.

See? We have come so far in terms of upgrading our digital tools. In fact, there’s no wrong in doing so, since it could also be useful in different purposes. What makes it wrong is the idea of using it without serving its real purpose.

How To Protect Your Identity Online

Imagine getting suspicious looks while you are on the street. All of a sudden someone comes to you and charges you of sending inappropriate messages to them. It may even be someone you know.

Then, you remember that your social media account got hacked recently and you have no idea what has been going on in there. A nightmare, isn’t it? However, such cases are quite common these days.

Hackers can do almost anything if you are not careful enough. In fact, even if hackers do not want your information, you can give it to them by not being careful enough. This is why you need to know how to protect your identity online.

Getting social media accounts hacked is not as bad as a criminal knowing your bank information. However, there are many times when you have to type such sensitive information online.

Criminals are using more and more advanced methods to hack your personal information. The least you can do is know how to protect yourself. So, here are a few tips on how you can hide your identity.

How To Protect Your Identity Online: What you can do.

Keep your Devices Safe From Unauthorized People

Unathorized people accessing your data

If you leave your phone or laptop unprotected here and there it is like an invitation to your hacker. Therefore, the first thing you should assure is that your phone or laptop does not get in the hands of someone who can be harmful.

Secondly, there are times when you cannot help but lend your devices. For such cases, you can password protect your devices. Apparently, passwords are quite easy to crack as well. As a result, a better choice would be to use a form of biometric authentication like a fingerprint, face recognition or iris recognition.

Do not leave your phone and laptop here and there because what you kepe there and kept there will always be there and hackers will get to it.

Generate A Fake Identity Online

Did you know that you can easily generate fake identity online without getting on hard coding skills? There are websites that offers free fake identity generator software. These software automatically a random identity or the identity per users chosen info.

Use Anti-Virus and Other Protection Software

antivirus software to protect your device

Right after you got your laptop or desktop make sure it has a working fully activated anti-virus software. This is a must-have tool and number 1 on your software list to install. The internet is a vast place and it exposes you to a lot of bad things as well. On top of it, if your computer or phone does not have a protector to fight all these then you will be gone long before you know it.

You are basically exposing yourself in the internet if you don’t have an anti-virus software. Anti-Virus software is a must for any phone or computer. Without it, your information is like a dessert without a cover.

This peace of software will alert you when a virus is trying to infect your device, and will automatically remove anything malicious in its eyes.

Keep your Privacy Settings in Check.

privacy settings

Have an endless number of accounts online and cannot keep track of which password you used for which? Did you end up using the same password for every one of them? Not cool.

This is how you do not just expose one account to your hacker but everything that you have. Your bank information, credit information, etc. Because if your hacker figures out one, he figures out the rest.

Therefore, never use one password for all the accounts. Moreover, never use something others can totally establish with you. Use punctuation, numbers, and letters in your password to make it as strong as you can. Also, make it long.

Apart from that, always check your privacy settings. This will cover things like who can see what and more. You can also control which devices can have access to your account and which will need authentication.

For example, if you set this, FaceBook sends you a code to your email or phone to confirm that the login was by you.

Never Click Suspicious Looking Links or Images

suspicious links and images

This is a huge one. Most of your information goes to the hacker when you click an unprotected link that you trusted too easily. You may get these links in your email, messages or anywhere on the internet.

But, never click directly on it. You can try typing the website name to find the website yourself if you need to. That is a much safer way to not give your information to hackers. Here are some examples of a click bait https://adespresso.com/blog/clickbait-facebook-advertising-examples/ . Now, I am not telling that all click-baits are suspicious I’m just telling most of them are. LOL

Click Bait Explanation

Don’t Fall for Phishing Hackers.

Phishing personal data

You will often receive emails from sites or profiles that just seem authentic. It might be a store asking for your information or even a bank. Yes, a bank as well. See how dangerous things can get? Phishers are actually getting smarter day by day. As the world progress so they are. Thankfully, we have antivirus software that detects most of them. Yes, “most” of them and not all of them! There are some very clever phishers out there.

Email Phishers

If these emails make you visit a site and then provide information then just do not. Go to website yourself by typing the address. This is quite a common scenario when you are paying online. Be very careful because this is how most information gets leaked.

Be Careful When Paying Online.

paying line with credit card

You do not even have to physically go to the mall nowadays to buy what you need. All you have to do is select from the list online and pay for things, even bills. However, you do not want to find your account all empty suddenly one day, do you?

But, you are giving your credit or debit card information online and that is a huge risk. There are even fake sites that demand it from you and boom! You are the most vulnerable citizen. However, you can combat this problem by first, never clicking on links.

TIP: Check the address. Always give your information only on sites with https rather than HTTP. The extra ‘S’ is for security. So, https is definitely more secure than other sites.

If you don’t totally want to get involve on a suspicious looking website but wanted to try anyway, you can try adding a randomly generated credit card complete with fake details here. Now, these credit card numbers aren’t real at all but you can try them though.

Always be aware.

Chances are if you are unaware, your bank account is getting empty without you even knowing it. This is why you need to be aware all the time about things going wrong. For example, you may be receiving weird texts or messages.

This might imply that something is being done from your account. On the other hand, it is essential you check your credit card usage as often as necessary. If you find any purchase or withdrawal you cannot account for, it’s time to consult with experts.

Among death and many other things, one of the greatest fears of today’s world is being a victim online. However, like you take precautions against the fears, the precautions against online hackers are more effective. This is why take the necessary steps to protect your identity online and let the rest be.

Chances are with you knowing how to protect your identity online, you are free from online crimes itself.

TOP 5 Free Antivirus App for Android

Our phone is part of our daily lives, from setting up alarm to get up early, booking a cab to give you a ride, call your mate for a lunch at the café or to post a photo on social media for your online friends that is how our phone plays an important role in our lives. Unlike in its early years, today our phone is not just a device that is used for communication, we also use it to shop online, do banking transaction, and socialize to other people. Here are the best antivirus app for android phone that you can download today.

It is a very useful device to store and secure private personal files. So keeping our phone free from any hacks, viruses and scams are very essential. Luckily, we do have anti-virus apps that we can download from Google PlayStore for free. Here are my best free antivirus apps for your android phone.

5 Best Anti-Virus Apps for Android in Google PlayStore.

Kaspersky Antivirus and Security

Karspersky Mobile Antivirus Applock
Karspersky Mobile Antivirus Applock

– it is one of the highest rated antivirus security app on Google PlayStore with 4.7 stars and 10 million downloads. It has free version and an in-app premium feature which you can avail for free for 30 days. Free features include scanning your phone for potential threats, anti-theft, call and text filter for possible spam calls and finding phone in case phone is lost. Premium features include Real-time protection, Text anti-phishing, Web protection for safer internet browsing and privacy protection (app locker to secure your important apps). Truly this is one the most remarkable antivirus app for android.

Download Kaspersky Antivirus and Security through Google PlayStore or though this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kms.free

Security Master

Security Master Best antivirus app for android
Security Master Best antivirus app for android

– an upgraded version of the CM Security, Security Master offers a wide scope of phone security and privacy protection. This antivirus and protection app has 4.7 stars on Google Play and 10 million+ downloads. They are redefining free antivirus and security app on androids giving you a lot of awesome features for free. It has One Tap cleaner that scans and remove junk files from your phone, including system and app caches. It stops background app from running, with its Phone Booster. Prevent your battery from draining with its Battery Saver feature and prevents overheating of your phone with its CPR Cooler. It also has Wi-Fi Security, which checks potential phishing Wi-Fi networks, an Anti-Theft Alarm, App Lock to keep your private files secured. On its premium feature, it has Safe Connect VPN, that allows you to hide your IP address and apply virtual location, this all to protect your online activities, like banking and online shopping, from potential leaks. You can also bypass and can let you access websites anonymously, websites that are not available in your country without being tracked.  And most especially, it has Intruder selfie which captures photos of intruders.

Download Security Master through Google Play or through this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cleanmaster.security

Norton Security and Antivirus

Norton Security and Antivirus - best antivirus app for android
Norton Security and Antivirus – best antivirus app for android

– another awesome security and antivirus app available on Google PlayStore for your android phone are Norton Security and Antivirus. Second highest rated security and antivirus app on Google PlayStore, with 4.5 stars and 10 million downloads. It has a free version and premium feature. Norton security and antivirus app promise to be proactive in protecting your phone, thus after installing and opening the app, automatically it will scan for any anti-malware and privacy settings, as one of the free features it offers. Aside from that its free features include Wi-Fi-security which checks your Wi-Fi connection if it is safe to connect, App lock, which lets you lock your private apps, Anti-theft and call, and text blocking. They have a free 30 day free trial for their premium features, which includes Web Protection for phone’s web browser like Chrome or Internet, App advisor and App Advisor for Google Play detecting some potential threats to mobile apps.

Download Norton Security and Antivirus through Google PlayStore or through this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.symantec.mobilesecurity

Avira Antivirus Security 2019-Antivirus & AppLock

Avira Antivirus Security 2019-Antivirus & AppLock
Avira Antivirus Security 2019-Antivirus & AppLock

– another trusted security and antivirus app for android downloadable at Google Play is Avira Antivirus Security, this has 4.5 stars and 10 million downloads. It has awesome free features, such as virus scanning, phone tracker which helps you track your phone if it is lost or stolen. It also has App lock that keeps you make some of your apps private. Web Protection for safer internet browsing. The Super light virus protection that can scan viruses and malwares without slowing your phone down and draining your battery.

Download Avira Antivirus Security 2019-Antivirus & AppLock through Google Play or through this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avira.android

McAfee Mobile Security: Antivirus, Wi-Fi, VPN, and Anti-Theft

McAfee Mobile Security best antivirus app for android - TOP 5 Free Antivirus App for Android
McAfee Mobile Security – best antivirus app for android

– This is most probably the most famous antivirus and security app for androids. It has won several awards for its excellent and reliable features. McAfee Mobile Security: Antivirus, Wi-Fi, VPN, and Anti-Theft has 4.4 stars on Google Play and 10 million downloads. It is the most trusted antivirus and security app, which protect you against potential phishing, risky apps, Wi-Fi threats, and spam. Its security engine is powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence giving you advance scanning. Its free features include Performance Optimization, with just one tap you can extend battery life with its Battery Booster, free up some memory from background apps, delete unused files and apps and helps you monitor data usage. Another free feature is ANTIVIRUS SECURITY & WEB PROTECTION SCANNERwhich cleans your phone from any potential malware malfunctions and viruses, protects you from unsecured Wi-Fi networks. It has an advanced ANTI-THEFT & MOBILE SECURITYthat is also free. In case your phone was stolen, it has a tracking system that locates it and can trigger an alarm, it automatically locks the device after 3 failed passcodes attempts. The premium feature includes Web Protection, Wi-Fi Guard VPN and App lock.

Download McAfee Mobile Security: Antivirus, Wi-Fi, VPN and Anti-Theft through Google Play or through this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wsandroid.suite

You can choose either of these apps in to your phone. We always value security to our personal information, so this security and antivirus apps are essential to keep our personal information personal.

How To Delete Conversation/Messages In Messenger

How many times have you regretted sending a text? You may have been drunk or just sleep-deprived when you decided to pour out your heart in your messages to somebody through Messenger. Then, you may have realized that you did not want those feelings written in messages.

Or worse, you sent the text to the wrong person. Imagine sending your boss the screenshots of conversations with him. Then, writing rude messages like, “Look at how bossy the boss is”. This is more common with people you do not like at all.

Writing “Did you see what Linda said?”, and sending it to Linda herself is a terrible mistake. It might not get you into a battle but it sure can start a cold war. So, it is best to be careful about these things and take precautions against you doing it.

For example, you can leave your phone home when you go out to come back completely hungover. Or, you could just avoid buying the internet or connecting to the WiFi when you think you may make a mistake. However, the thing about mistakes is that no matter what you do, they just happen.

Facebook has finally addressed this issue by letting you delete not just messages and pictures but also the whole conversations themselves. If you want to start anew by clearing the history with someone, you can easily do it on Messenger. However, if you have left a scar on their memory then there is nothing Messenger can do about that.

So, let us figure out how to delete conversation/messages in messenger. This can be a total job and life savior.

Here’s how you can easily delete conversations on messenger permanently!

How to Delete Conversations/Messages in Messenger: Android and iPhone

Most of us are in love with how mobile our life is now. You can be at home dealing with all the tough office matters. It could be messages in messenger or a quick video call.

This has definitely made the lives of working mothers with toddlers super easy. And, of course, it has saved time and energy of millions. However, a wrong text could end things for good.


Simply long press on the message and you will instantly see the option to delete the message like in the image below:

Delete Conversation on Messenger - How To Delete Conversation/Messages In Messenger

What if you accidentally send a text you were supposed to send to your wife to your boss? “Get the eggs Jenny!” and the reply is “I am not Jenny, Marvin.” It probably won’t cost you your job but it sure will cost you some mental peace.

Misclicks are super easy when you use Messenger on your phone. In fact, at times, phones get a hand of their own and send messages themselves (when in pocket). You really do not want to anger a grumpy supervisor by sending him random letters.  

But, if you have done so already then you can control the damage done thanks to the various delete features in Messenger. So, here are the ways you can delete messages from Messenger.

How to delete specific messages in the Messenger app. 

This is quite an easy task however might take a while if you are deleting a lot of ‘selected messages’. First of all, select the conversation you want to delete messages from. When you have entered the conversation, press the messages you want to delete, select all of them. Then, select “remove” that comes next to the message.

Furthermore, you can choose to delete the message for only yourself and also the receiver. If you select “Delete for Everyone” then the recipient will see “Removed a message” in place of the message. On the other hand, if you select “Delete for me” then only your side of the message will disappear.

But, the recipient will still have the messages. Once you have deleted the messages only for yourself, you cannot delete it for the recipient so be careful when choosing it.

How to delete the whole conversation on the Messenger App.

There are times when you find that some conversations are hard to digest. Or, ones that have so many revelations in them that you just cannot risk keeping them. So, you want to delete the whole existence of the conversation that existed with a person.

This is actually very easy to do. If you are using an iPhone, then you will have to open the whole list of chats you have had and swipe left on the conversation you want to delete. Then, options will come up from which you have to select the delete option.

Then, you just have to reconfirm that you want to delete the conversation. However, you also can archive the conversation just to hide it from plain sight.

How to delete a message from a computer browser.  

If you do not want to have access to messages all day when you are out with your phone because you want to enjoy the natural world as it is, then you should know how you can delete messages from a browser. All you have to do is log in to your profile and select the messenger icon between the notifications and friend request signs.

Once you have reached the list of conversations you have had, you have to select the conversation you want to delete the messages from. Once you are there, just choose the three dots that appear beside the texts and you will find a ‘remove’ option.

After clicking on the remove option you get two more options “Delete for Everyone” and “Delete for me”, it is you who knows what to better here. Click the one you want and you are done.

How to delete conversations from a computer browser.  

You have to open the conversation you want to delete. On the top right corner, you will find a settings icon. Click on it and you will find the option to ‘delete’ the conversation.

Select it and FaceBook will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the whole conversation. And, done, you are clean.

In Conclusion

There are countless words you wish you hadn’t spoken. While spoken words can be forgotten, typed ones rarely go away unless you remove it. Luckily, Messenger has made rectifying your mistakes easier by giving you the ability to not just remove conversations but specific messages as well.

This was something only Mark Zuckerberg enjoyed and now you do too.