[Method] How to Track Anyone on Snapchat in 2022

Have you ever wanted to know the location of someone you are having a conversation within Snapchat? Especially if you do not personally know that someone and just wanted to know their current location, but you are stuck with no platform or software that can do this specific job. Well not anymore. In this tutorial, you will exactly learn how to track the location of any Snapchat user by just using their Snapchat username handle.

Yeah, I know Snapchat has a location-sharing feature called Snap Map but you cannot make use of it if the user is not enabling this feature on you. You still come to a dead end but worry not we are here to do that job for you. Make note this method is different from tracking the location of any iPhone phone tutorial.

Is it possible to track Someone’s Snapchat Account Location?

Yes, it’s very possible that is why we are sharing this tutorial with you. We will show you how it’s very easy to track anyone’s location on Snapchat. You won’t need to download any software or learn any hard coding skills this can be done by just using a mobile phone.

What makes this method even more powerful is that its open-source and does not cost a single dollar to use! That’s right its 100% FREE for everyone.

Why do you need to learn the location of a Snapchat Account?

Some users wanted to learn the location of a Snapchat user simply because they wanted to know the live location of the user. It’s the victim is their family love one their it is comprehendible to know their location every time. Or you just wanted to know your boyfriend, wife, husband, girlfriend’s location then this method is for you!

Ready to learn? Read more…

Here’s How to Track Someone’s Snapchat Location


  • First off, visit https://iplocate.social/
  • This website offers a variety of social media tracking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp and more but we are here to learn how to track a Snapchat account. Please choose Snapchat.
  • Enter the Snapchat username on the field where it asks.
  • Click on the search button on the right side or just press enter.
  • Click on the confirmation button.
  • The iplocate.social will locate and find the IP address of the user and using their IP address it is now very easy to track their location.
  • On the next page, you will see some primary details but most of them are locked.
  • You will need to “Unlock all details” to view their IP address and current location.

If you have successfully unlocked all the details this is what it looks like see image. As you can see all important details on tracking the Snapchat user are there such as the IPv4, country, state/region, and even the City location.

how to track someone's snapchat
Track the location of someone on Snapchat

If you are hesitant if the Country, City location are incorrect then you can just copy the ipv4 value and enter it on any IP address location websites such as https://www.whatismyip.com/

What Make This Tool Unique

  • 100% Free
  • Does not directly accessing Snapchat servers so its 100% Safe.
  • No need to download any software.
  • No need to learn any coding skills.
  • Very easy to use GUI.
  • Not using any Snapchat API’s
  • No need to make use of Snap Map feature.

How Does This Work?

IPLocate.social primarily pulls the snapchat users IP address by sending tiny packets of data using the Snapchat username provided and if the packet returns a value then the IP address is exposed and using the IP address, they can easily track the location of the snapchat account in real-time.

IPLocate.social provides this service 100% Free of any charge but we do not know if they will eventually charge user to use the service. This is actually a very powerful service and Facebook probably didn’t knew about this.

If you want to go deeper then you can simply hack the snapchat account and access everything on that account such as the conversation, photoss and videos shared, contacts and more..

5 Best Free iPhone Tracking and Spying App 2021

Are you looking for the best free iPhone tracking and spying app? There are so many applications out there and it can be hard to tell which one is worth your time and money. But we will focus on effective and free iPhone tracking apps. In this article, I will list some of the most effective tools available out there! Some of these tools are paid and some are completely FREE that has the same feature as those paid ones.

So Why Should You Track An iPhone Device User?

These Spying tools for iPhone is a very handy and convenient way of monitoring your husband or wife, kids, girlfriend or boyfriend, or even employees! Using these iPhone spy software program can give you full access to everything on that person’s mobile device you wish to track. You can have access to the victim’s text messages, call logs, camera images, deleted pics, call histories, GPS location, incoming and outgoing calls, and many other things. Most of these features can be performed by the tracker of the mobile device even if they have disabled the spyware.

There are several Spy Apps For iPhone available but few of them have some specific features that are quite useful to us. Especially for spying an iPhone device which has some hard security policy.

Here are the 5 Best Spy Tools for iPhone and or Android.

#1 GPSCellPhoneLocator

iPhone Spy Tools - GPSCellphonelocator.com
iPhone Spy Tools – GPSCellphonelocator.com.jpg

GPSCellPhoneLocator.com – This is the most used spying tool for iPhone and Android users. I have been using GPSCellPhoneLocator.com for a couple of years now. This is the ideal way to keep track of people, especially if you want to keep an eye on your children or employees. You can easily use these on both devices since this is an online-based spying program.

GPSCellPhoneLocator.com does not only tracks the victim’s current location but also call logs, messages, images/videos, and much much more. visit the website for more information. The biggest advantage of this tool is that you do not need to download or install anything from your PC/MAC device. They are entirely web-based so you can use it from basically anywhere.

#2 PhoneSheriff

PhoneSheriff – It’s a free tool that allows you to gather information on any cell phone. But if you want to use its full features you need to pay for it. It displays some basic information such as SMS message types, number, name, and address in detail. It also has a function to check the availability of call logs and contacts. To use the iPhone spyware you must first download the target iOS devices onto your computer. Next, install PhoneSheriff onto each of the ios devices that you wish to track. Then let PhoneSheriff run in stealth mode. It will not do anything else until you set it up with the ios devices that you have.

PhoneSheriff: is another impressive iPhone phone app. PhoneSheriff is my second choice next to GPSCellPhoneLocator.com for a powerful cellphone tracker app. Free on iPhone, but you must pay if you want unlimited use. With an my target device you can spy on your children, view call history, take calls privately, and more. This is definitely worth the money if you have more than one child that you want to monitor.

#3 FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy – Is another iPhone Phone spying tool. It works with any iPhone and runs on the iPhone’s internal network. You can monitor up to 5 different phones at once with this program. FlexiSpy records video and takes screen shots, as well. This is the easiest way to gather evidence and document anything that is going on without getting caught by your target device.


MSPY – MSPY is another spy software for iPhone and works on almost all iPhone mobile. This tool is NOT FREE and you have to pay for every single feature it offers. It not only does it record conversations but it also comes with a ticket system for extra security. You can also purchase additional MSPY membership for mass surveillance of multiple phones like for your employees, children, etc. Like FlexiSpy, this is a great way to keep an eye on your targets while they are unaware.

#5 Spy Bubbles

Spy Bubbles – is another iPhone spy app that will monitor any activity. The good thing about Spy Bubbles is that it works seamlessly on jailbroken iPhones. This means that if your iPhone is jailbroken, this application will work with no problems. All you need to do is install the app and it will begin working. Once it has been installed, you will be able to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls, SMS text and other activity that is occurring on your iPhone.

With this capability, you will know exactly what messages have been read by your spouse. Other spying applications are capable of logging all contacts that are sent and received on the devices. Using this feature, you will be able to discover who your child is talking to and keep them away from online predators. For those who are constantly worrying that their children may be involved in drugs or alcohol, this software is a must-have. You will have full access to the phone activity of any child with this amazing tool.

Which of these iPhone Spy Programs The Best?

In my opinion, GPSCellPhoneLocator.com is the best one yet iPhone Spy Software – this spy program is 100% FREE and does not require you to pay for the extra features. This is probably the best cell phone software available. It is the program I recommend for effective spying activities. Like if you are investigating your spouse for cheating and trying to gather evidence. If you are just concerned with catching a cheating spouse or girlfriend, you should look into FlexiSpy and MSPY.

Personal Thoughts

The best spy apps can cost quite a bit, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Check out the free versions first. They are usually much more reliable than the paid versions and will give you all of the evidence you need. GPSCellPhoneLocator.com and MSPY are both highly effective and will allow you to get just the results that you are looking for. Take your time when choosing between the two because you do not want to spend a lot of money, but also get the right tool for your need.

Cellphones have become a necessary part of our lives and need to be monitored constantly to avoid threats and security risks like theft and identity theft. Using these advanced spying tools applications, we can remotely keep an eye on our loved ones and keep them safe.

Method : Remove Activate Windows Watermark Permanently!

Are you currently seeing this annoying watermark on your Windows PC or Laptop? Of course you do! Otherwise, you won’t be here. LOL. Anyway as the title stated on this tutorial I am going to show to you how exactly you can remove the “Activate Windows” watermark permanently and be annoy-free!

This method works with Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. If you have a different version of windows such as windows 7 then you might just try it though I am not sure if its going to work since I only tried it with the 3 versions of Windows.

So why are you seeing this watermark of all the sudden? It’s simply because Windows found out that your version of the OS is not activated. They are simply reminding you you activate your Windows copy to enjoy more features. What are these features?

First off, Why You Need To Activate Your Windows OS?

To enjoy more features on an activated version of Windows. These features are as follows:

  • Activate Windows Defender – This feature is really important since its your first line of defense against malware and viruses.
  • Install Microsoft Office – did you know that you can’t install any microsoft office product unless you activate your OS? Now you know then activate it already.
  • Install security updates – this is really an important feature. Get your PC updated with the latest security updates.
  • Change your desktop wallpaper – probably the most important feature of all! Change your desktop wallpaper is the most crucial feature. If you can’t change your wallpaper then you are using a DEAD PC. It feels like the PC don’t belong to you! No customization sucks! You should thank me for saving your arse with this method.

How to Permanently Remove “Activate Windows” Watermark

Ok, the moment of truth. The method that you came here for. Its not that hard and involved various methods. Let’s start with the easiest and most effective method.

Method 1:

Using the Universal Watermark Disabler Tool

Remove Activate Windows Watermark Permanently
Remove Activate Windows Watermark Permanently
  • Run and install the uwd.exe file
  • After the successful install you will immediately notice the watermark is gone! Feels like magic!
  • Of course this process is not actually activating your Windows OS. You are simply removing the watermark. The above features will still not available.

Method 2:

Using only CMD or Command Prompt

The CMD method or Disable the Watermark using just a Command Prompt. You don’t know what command prompt? Google it! freaking Lazy….

  • Anyway to run CMD of command prompt simply go to your search bar and type “CMD” without quotes.
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using CMD
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using CMD
  • When you are now in the CMD type in bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF then hit enter
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using CMD 2
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using CMD
  • If successfull you will see a message “The operation completed successfully” if not then you will see “TESTSIGNING OFF FAILED” If this process failed then move on with the next method!

Method 3:

By Editing Registry Keys

Remove Activate Windows Watermark by editing the Registry keys!

  • Type in your search bar “REGEDIT” without quotes and hit enter if the Register Editor App appears.
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Regedit
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Regedit
  • Now go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Control Panel / Desktop. See image.
  • Double click the PaintDesktopVersion and edit its value from 1 to 0 (zero) and click on okay. See image.
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Regedit 2
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Regedit
  • Now when you notice the watermark is still there. Don’t worry. It will be gone after you restart your PC.

Method 4:

Using a Special Batch Script

  • Remove “Activate Windows” Watermark using this special script.
  • Go to this pastebin URL.
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Batch Script
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Batch Script
  • Copy the whole content or better yet download it as .txt file.
  • Now to the folder where you have downloaded the text file and rename it. Rename it with any name and change the filetype to .cmd and not .txt make sure you do this otherwise this wont work!
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Batch Script 2
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Batch Script
  • Now the file has been changed to a batch file.
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Batch Script 3
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Batch Script
  • Now right click on the file and click on the “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR” you will see the process is running. I can’t show you screenshot as my copy of windows is already activated and no need to run this on my machine.
  • If everything went well it should remove the watermark after a RESTART.
  • Otherwise you will see an error message “Sorry! Your version is not supported”


Buy a legit Windows Serial Keys

  • This is probably the most easy method on how to remove the activate windows watermark forever! Plus you got to enjoy those special features I mentioned above.

And that my friend are the best and easiest methods on how you can remove the “Activate Windows” watermark your Windows desktop or laptop. I made it as easy as possible so users can follow without a fuss! Got questions? Comment below!

A Bug Found in Facebook Messenger App for Desktop

How was a situation where your phone suddenly called your EX on your Facebook Messenger App? That’s quite hilarious and you will be pumping in confusion and ask yourself. Who the heck called him/her? Well, that’s probably someone made the call from miles away. Yes, you probably have been hacked! Read this…

When I first read about this issue on ReasonSecurity.com I was quite indecisive and thought Messenger has desktop app? I didn’t know Facebook Messenger has an app for desktop users. Now I know. Well, anyway that’s our subject for today.

A ReasonSecurity researcher, Shai Alfasi, found bug on Facebook Messenger for desktop. This bug uses persistence method. The bug is already fixed with the latest version of the app. You just have to update your older version and you are good to go.

The bug found on the app which is available on Microsoft app store executes series of code that should not be executed. uh, Talk about bugs. This bug which can be found on the version of Messenger 460.16 which of course you can no longer use since Facebook already aware of the issue and has updated the app.

The bug results to a vulnerability and causes the app to kinda malfunction internally this gives a way to hackers to infiltrate a video call or executes resource within the Messenger code so they can run their malware. This vulnerability gives the attacker plenty of time to execute what they want to the victims Messenger app. Reasons Labs claimed they are the first to identify the bug.

The Persistence Method Bug

Persistence bug is a method in which attacker uses so he won’t lose the connection between him and the victim. He needs the time to perform and execute series of commands to the victims machine.

Researchers can easily discover this method because the only logic malware requires to be successful are the following:

  • The attacker should be able to communicate to the victims machine.
  • The attacker should be able to run his codes.
  • The attacker should be untraceable by antiviruses.

Thought most antiviruses are able to automatically remove these threat since it can detect what is going on on your system files. It monitors your files behavior and are able to pinpoint a threat.

No reports of Threat

Internet users has dramatically increased on the past months since this COVID-19 pandemic started. Facebook alone reports 70% increase on the Facebook App usages globally. Before the discovery of the bug. There are 1.3 Billion of active users in Messenger but there are no reports from users of hacking. So we can quite sure that no one are able to take advantage of it yet. And wont be able to take advantage on it since it’s already fixed.

For more details about this bug you can to the ReasonsLab website and read the article their for complete details.

5 Great Must-Have Apps for Mobile Photography

Mobile photography is now in! The rise of mobile phones with great camera specs are most-required feature by users! Well, in my opinion iPhone cameras has the best camera so far without using any photo filtering and auto rendering apps. But anyway, there are great things that only these apps can do!

There are many photo editing apps available on the smartphone which can convert your picture into art. There are multiple types of editing options like brightness, shadow, exposure, contrast, etc.

There are different types of photo editing apps in Play Store which are both paid and non-paid. We have selected some of the best editing apps from Play Store for you using which you can edit your pictures.

Also, check for the links below each application. 

Here are my top 5 Must Have Apps for Mobile Photography

1. PicsArt Photo editor

PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt is a very famous photo and video editing app. It is easy to use and has different types of tools.

It contains many filters. It has some magic effects, stickers, frames, backgrounds, and many more. This app is free to use and the ad-free version costs you a certain amount of charges.

Download PicsArt Photo editor
Google Play Download Link

2. Prisma

Prisma - Photo editing apps

This app was launched a couple of years ago. This app has artificial intelligence, so the photos will make you amazed. It can make your photo look like Picasso, munch, etc.

There are more than 300 art styles and you can select your favorite one. The other apps have also similar effects, Prisma is still the veritable one. This app is free to use.

Download Prisma Photo editor
Google Play Download Link

3. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe lightroom android - mobile photography apps

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an intuitive photo editor. It helps you to capture stunning images. It is easy to use and has various filters and sliders. It has a Pro-level camera in which you can choose your edit type HDR timer, exposure, and more. This app has its own cloud storage in which you can upload your photo and you can access from any device or online. You can edit your photo in detail using healing brush according to your size. This app teaches you to step by step editing lessons by photographers. This app is free to use.

Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Google Play Download Link

4. Snapseed

Snapseed - photo editing apps 2020

This app is made by Google. It contains different features like healing, tonal contrast, and more. It has an option of import RAW images so that you can edit your high-quality photos. It is a professional photo editor with different types of a tool like HDR, structure, and more. All photos can be edited in precise control. You can crop, rotate, expand, lens blur, grunge your photo in a cool way. Support Dark theme in settings. This app is free to use.

Download Snapseed Photo Editor
Google Play Download Link


VSCO Photo and video editor app

VSCO is an advanced photo and video editor. Well, its one of the most hyped photo editor apps worldwide. Celebrities use it! Most feature is a must have though it comes with a annual fee.

It offers you to edit your photo in a creative way. It makes your photography by using VSCO presets. It gives your picture excellent quality. It gives you contrasting filters with exclusive challenges in a week. 

VSCO gives membership trial for 7 days. When the trial is over you will be charged with a membership fee. This app is free to use.

Download VSCO Photo Editor
Google Play Download Link

Bonus App

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe photoshop express photo editor app android - 5 Great Must-Have Apps for Mobile Photography

Is a spectacular app for mobile photo editing. It is a lighter version of Adobe Lightroom but still has different things to explore. You can apply blur, add borders, filters, and more. It also supports importing photo option in it. This makes your photo look as if it is taken from a DSLR camera. 

It is fun to use. Gives you different options for making collages. It is easy and fast and transforms your photo into a great picture. You can make your own stickers, adjust colour. This app can generate memes. Instantly fix distorted camera angles. It gives you hundreds of looks, filters, vibrance, and many more. It removes dark spots from photos. This app is free to use.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express
Google Play Download Link

A-Must Have Features For A Great Photo Editing App


The applications provide you with excellent filters for editing. From a black and white picture to a colourful one use any filter to enhance the quality of your picture. There are various types of filters select according to your picture.

Photo filtering apps - 5 Great Must-Have Apps for Mobile Photography
Kiev, Ukraine – May 30, 2014: Person apply digital filters to the image in Instagram application on a brand new Apple iPhone 5S. Instagram is a mobile social networking service, launched in October 2010.


You will get amazing options for brightness in the applications and make your photo dull or bright. The applications come with various option of brightness. You either brighten up your picture like a twinkling star or reduce the brightness like outer space. It’s up to you how you want to use the feature.


Contrast basically helps you increase the colour content in a picture and highlight helps you to highlight the picture by using this feature you can bring in life even to the deadliest picture. 

Contrast and highlights mobile photo editor apps app
bright abstract fractal background of circles and geometric elements. Beautiful abstract fractal to highlight individual groups of objects. You can use it for laptop cover, phone case, Wallpaper


The applications gives you blur option to make your photo look amazing as if it is taken from a professional camera. You can blur the background and make it stunning.

making a blurred background image - photo editing apps
A young woman is looking up between two bridges in the city.


You can change the background of your picture by background changing option. By removing the original background and putting in any background from the various option. The applications have many different types of background so that you can make your picture terrific. 


This feature gives you the option to cut the length of your picture. This option is mainly used to change the size of the image. You can crop your picture in any shape you want. 


When your photo is not taken from a correct angle this feature helps you to correct the position of your picture. This option gives you different angles to enhance your picture.


Under this feature, you can join two or more pictures under a single frame. Basically, one picture consists of many pictures.

Create a photo collage with photo editing apps
Headshots Of Multi-Ethnic Group in polaroids over black background, Valentine’s Day concept


You can add various stickers to your pictures like emojis, flowers, hairstyle, and many more. This makes your picture look attractive and cool.


This feature helps you to remove unnecessary marks from your picture and gives you an amazing finishing. This option is mainly used in selfies.


This option removes redness from your eyes and makes your picture look normal and fantastic. The red-eye occurs due to the flash of your smartphone in darkness. Thus with the help of this feature, you can remove the red eyes reflection from the picture. 

Top 5 Best Android Cleaner Apps 2020

Keeping your smartphone’s performance at its best it’s a must. Most importantly, we rely most of the things that we do to our smartphones, from texting your mom that you are on your way home, ordering some new shoes online, sharing your best selfies on social media and much more. So fortunately, we have available here are the best android cleaner apps on Google PlayStore. Apps on Google PlayStore that we can download for FREE, to clean up our phone to make sure its best performance.

Here are the Top 5 Best Android Cleaner on Google PlayStore.

MAX Cleaner (Android Cleaner and Antivirus)

max cleaner best cleaner for android and iphone

Undoubtedly, MAX Cleaner is the best android cleaner on Google Play Store. It has a remarkable star rating of 4.8 and with 50 million downloads. This app offers a lot of feature to help you optimize your device performance. Its junk cleaner scans and removes junk and cache files from your android’s internal and external memory storage. It has an antivirus that keeps your phone away from dangerous viruses. Added features include App locker to lock sensitive app and captures photo for intruders for invalid attempts to access the app. It also has a Call Blocker feature that allows you to block number from calling you, perfect app to block your ex’s number. Download the MAX Cleaner App through this link,


Clean Master (Antivirus, App lock and Cleaner)

super clean best cleaner for android and iphone

Clean Master is one of the most famous android cleaner and optimization tool that we can download on Google PlayStore. It has an impressive 4.7 star rating and a whopping over 1 billion downloads. Wow! Android users love this app because of its amazing functionality. It has junk cleaner that deletes junk and cache file to free up some space. It has a Mobile Booster that frees up some space from your RAM for optimum smartphone performance.

The Wi-Fi Security keeps you out from not-so-trusted connections. A battery saver that helps extend your battery life by closing unused app from running in the background. The coolest feature that Clean Master has is the Free Antivirus, it helps block and remove virus from your phone. You can download it through this link,


Android Cleaner (Phone Booster and Memory Optimizer)

Cleaner Phone Booster & RAM Optimizer best cleaner for android

This app is one of the most high-rated android cleaner app on Google PlayStore, Android Cleaner has a 4.6 star rating, which is fairly good and over five hundred thousand download. It has powerful and effective features that will greatly enhance your device’s performance. Its junk cleaner not only remove junk files, it also detects them so you can free up some space. Its battery saver feature detects and stops app from running when not in use. It also has a duplicate remover that removes duplicate files, not to mention it also a hibernation module for apps that have been inactive for quite a long time.

Lastly, this app allows you to set schedule cleaning of your device so you don’t have to manually optimize your phone. Download the Android Cleaner through this link,


Super Phone Cleaner (Virus Cleaner and Phone Cleaner)

super phone cleaner - cache clean best cleaner for andorid

Another high rated android cleaner and optimizer app, it has a notable 4.8 star rating and over 50 million download. Truly, Super Phone Cleaner is one of the most trusted android cleaner on Google PlayStore. Aside from its basic optimization feature, like junk and cache cleaner, internal and external memory cleaner, it has also an antivirus features for a virus-free phone. App locker which allows you to lock sensitive apps and a call blocker and assistant, Super Phone Cleaner helps you manage your contacts and call logs. You can download Super Phone Cleaner through this link,


Phone Cleaner (Cache Clean and Android Booster)

phone cleaner - cache clean best cleaner for android

A fairly rated app of 4.7 stars and 10 million downloads, that makes the Phone Cleaner App credible. Junk and cache cleaner helps your retrieve some space. It has game and speed booster that cleans up RAM to speed up your phone. It has a CPU cooler that cools down your phone and a notification cleaner that mutes and removes unwanted notifications. It has a 1-tap boost feature that optimizes and cleans your phone in just 1 tap. You can download this app through this link,


Google Expands to Banking – to Offer Checking Accounts in 2020

The Wall street Journal reports about Google’s biggest plan to provide banking and financial services starting early next year. Specifically, it will offer checking accounts for its customer.

Google name the upcoming projects “CACHED”. It will be partnering with banks (Citibank) and small credit union at Stanford to offer the checking accounts and the City bank to handle all financial activities that has relevance to the accounts.

Caesar Sengupta, general manager and vice president of payments at Google spoke to WSJ the initiative and made clarification to profoundly collaborate with banks and financial system.

“Our approach is going to be a partner deeply with banks and the financial system”.

Caesar Sengupta

 It will be seeking to put financial partners focusing and concerning the needs of the customer unlike other tech companies.

“If we can help more people do more stuff in a digital way online, it’s good for the internet and good for us”, he added.

He also noted that loyalty card programs can be one of the offers of the said service. It is also considering to whether ask or not charge service fees. The checking accounts bear enormous amount of valuable data about the consumer spending and how much they are earning. However, Google clarifies that selling to advertiser the checking account of financial data is never be possible. It doesn’t also use Google Pay data for advertising purposes.

Google’s plan is anchored to the desire of reaching the needs for its average user. Google has render couple of years to put into reality their so called Google Pay Services. This search giant reach its popularity with over 67 million users a month to countries like India. It became helpful to people to pay every purchase they will have and send money to friend through online all over the world. However, Big Tech companies like Facebook is also offering a pay option in its all platforms named Facebook Pay and soon to build their own digital currency called “Libra “with its partners in banking services. Early this year, Apple Incorporation paired with Goldman Sachs, launch their Apple Card. Even Amazon expectedly describe to offer teenager checking accounts. These tech companies eagerly interested in putting up financial services.

This push Google to enter this kind of aspect in life. This initiative appears to be looking out millennial and more digital savvy customers who are more comfortable in making their lives easier through online tools. Furthermore, they will also benefit from Google’s competence in working with large sets of data and turning it into Value-Added products.

Google comes in the long run and already established its popularity. But still, convincing people to tune in this Google’s latest plan is quite challenging on their part especially because of political and social competition among big tech companies. Thus, there are also who wonder how these big tech companies use their vast digital heft in other areas like business and economic infrastructure.

5 Easy Ways on How to Hide Your IP Address

Do you feel like you are being stalked or each of your moves on the internet are being tracked on the Internet? So do I and so do a lot of people. The myth about everything you do online is recorded somewhere is not a myth- it’s true. Nowadays, there are various software that can stalk anyone’s online movements. So we are going to learn on how to hide your IP address easy and free.

Unless of course, you manage to burn down the artificial satellites and networks there exist. There are often times you do not want your information to be known. Moreover, many agencies and the government can control what you have access to.

While this is at times necessary for safety, it is not always reasonable. For example, why would anyone ban university students from playing games online? They are grown-up people and know what they want to do better.

Your IP address is a very important factor in all these cases. Do not know what IP address do or why you should be concerned about hiding them? Congratulations, you will find out everything.

Let us figure out everything together and also how to hide your IP address easily. You really do not need to be an expert or a hacker to do this.

How to Hide Your IP Address Easily: What exactly is an IP address?

hide your ip address

Apparently, IP address means Internet Protocol and every device in an area has a different IP address. It is what allows everyone to recognize where the traffic is coming from. Just like its name, IP address is something of an internet address- it tells where you are accessing from.

Why would you want to hide it?

When everything is so vulnerable online, the least precaution you can take is hiding your IP address. Reasons why you should do it are:

  • Hide your location: IP address is capable of telling your location particularly because each location has a different IP address. Whenever you do something on the internet, the people concerned know where the requests or traffic is coming from. Even hackers can find your location easily, using your IP address.

If you have seen a lot of movies then you have also seen the police or FBI catching criminals using their IP address. In case you actually are a criminal, please don’t read further, I am not helping you.

  • Gain Access: At times the government or various other agencies block sites or activities from a certain IP address. Unfortunately, this is not always fair and that is why it is better to hide your IP address at times. Craving to play that game or learn about absurd stuff? Hide your IP address to not let the others know.
  • Be anonymous: You never know what trouble you may get into when browsing or doing something on the Internet. It might not even be your fault. Therefore, it is best to stay anonymous on the internet and the only way to do it is by hiding your IP address.

5 Ways to Hide Your IP Address Easily

1. Virtual Private Network- VPN

Virtual private network hide real ip address

This is by far the best method someone can use to easily hide their public IP address. The government often takes absurd measures like banning FaceBook to control the freedom of speech. And, this absurd measure is better taken of in perfect ways. The best way to deal with such actions is by using a VPN.

Now, what is a VPN? Apparently, as you can guess, it is a private network. You have to connect to it and when you do so, your IP address gets hidden. Through it, you can not only keep your identity hidden, traffic encrypted but also you can access the blocked sites.

Furthermore, VPN also provides you with very fast access. All you have to do is download a VPN service, connect to it, and access everything through it.

You will get even better service than what you normally get from the Internet.

2. Proxy Servers

Want easy access to restricted sites and also an untraceable IP address? Then, proxy servers are something you can use. In fact, you can connect to any proxy server very easily.

Furthermore, it lets you access anything. However, it is not as secure as a VPN is. It sure does hide your IP address but it does not encrypt the data being transferred. Apart from that, it provides a slower service than VPN but is still great.

3. TOR- The Onion Router

If you want to disguise yourself online then TOR is what will help you. Apparently, if you connect to TOR, it assigns you a new IP address hiding your original one. Therefore, you get to roam around anonymously and also have access to places you are not supposed to visit.

Furthermore, this is completely free. But, with free things comes drawbacks. You will probably not enjoy a very fast speed or encryption of data packages.

4. Mobile Network

If you have to access something very privately for just a few times or in emergency cases then you can choose to use mobile data. Apparently, this will be quite slow and also the encryption will not be that great. However, you will be able to hide your permanent IP address for a while.

5. Public WiFis

The number of restaurants, shopping malls, shops, etc. Offering WiFi is countless nowadays and with a countless number of people using it, you are quite safe with whatever you do. It is more like hiding in plain sight.

Using a public WiFi will not exactly hide the IP address but it will hide your identity. This is because the address is not where you actually reside. It also belongs to someone else.

However, these networks are very vulnerable and also slow. So, it is a choice if you are in an emergency only.

In Conclusion,

With the massive increase in the use of technology, the crimes involving it are increasing as well. Internet is something people cannot imagine life without now and it is also one of the unsafest places to be in virtually. As a result, you will have to take the necessary precautions to combat the insecurities.

Either avoid doing things that can get you into trouble or just hide your IP address. Because now you know how to hide your IP address easily.