China: One of the Biggest Threat In Cyber Warfare


China is one of the biggest threats to other countries when it comes to cyber hacking. China is both the world`s second-largest economy and a nuclear weapon powerhouse with the world`s second-largest defense budget, there’s no question that China cyber warfare is the most aggressive worldwide. Western countries have long accused China of aggressive underground … Read more

Wearable Technologies: Is it Safe to Use? Or Threat?

Wearable technology a threat

Wearable Technologies leading-edge technology companies are smart when it comes to deciding where to invest millions of research and development dollars. Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Google Glass, and the latest NeuroSky Mindware device. Technologies can provide us with a world of data, but also make us vulnerable to unseen security breaches. The global market for … Read more

Android Released July 2019 Security Patch Update with 33 New Vulnerabilities

Android security patches released

Google’s famous mobile operating system platform, Android, recently released this month’s security updates of a total of 33 new vulnerabilities that are affecting Android-related devices. Out of this 33 patch updates, 9 are reported to be critical in severity. This is quite an issue that Android developers need to worry about. According to, the … Read more

Open-source Media Player: VLC Can Be Source For Hacking

VLC Malware

With the current fast-paced technology nowadays. Lots of fun are offered on the internet for free. This entices hackers to do their crimes. Hackers will do anything to steal precious confidential personal information. One of the media players in the market that mostly used by a lot of people today is the VLC developed by … Read more

NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile – The Future of Smart Phones

Future of Smartphone Technology

The NueroSky Mindwave Mobile is the future of smart phones. Using smart phones would be a lot faster with mind control; the technology would allow you to perform each and every task you can do via touch or voice with your mind. Send text messages, can control your screen brightness, or create movie videos you`ve … Read more

All you Need to Know about Facebook and Libra


It was last December when Facebook’s plans for a digital currency network surfaced. The social media giant said it plans to help launch a digital currency in 2020 that caters about a dozen countries which publicly announced lately the Cryptocurrency in said was the Libra coin, making it as one of their most aggressive moves … Read more

How to Recover Data From Android Using PC

How to Recover Smart Phone Data Android to your Desktop PC

Nowadays, the smartphone becomes one of the essential things in our daily and we do a lot of tasks with it. However, it’s also easy to get broken or damaged due to unexpected activities. Breaking the screen of the Android phone can be frightening and troublesome. Situations like cracked screen, water-damaged, the black screen are just … Read more

One Plus 7 PRO Camera – Most Advanced Smartphone Camera So Far


Right after the announced of Oppos MeshTalk, that lets users call or message each other without the need of internet, Bluetooth or even GSM Network. One plus won’t get behind. Here’s a quick overview of One Plus camera. We all love taking pictures, don’t we? From professional photographer to selfie drama queens, we love taking … Read more

Oppo MeshTalk – No need for Internet, Bluetooth or Network!


Next Generation Mobile Communication without Spending Airtime Balance – Oppo Meshtalk Communication is one of the essential use of mobile phones. Be it in a crowded urban area, or the most remote villages, we use phone to communicate. In fact, as early as 1918, telephones were made to permit two or more users to conduct … Read more