How to hack whatsapp accounts

[FULL GUIDE] How To Hack WhatsApp Account Easily

Did you know that there a method is you can easily hack a WhatsApp account and gain access to his/her personal data? Wondering how to hack a WhatsApp account, then read on. Hackers are continuously creating new ways to gain access to these apps and there are several ways that they do this. One way is by exploiting existing bugs in the system, and then they can install viruses on your smartphone. However, we won’t use any of those methods here, we won’t install viruses or whatever harmful on the victim’s mobile device.

What you need

We only need his/her WhatsApp mobile number and we can start hacking his/her WhatsApp account.

This is the safest method to hack anyone’s WhatsApp account without getting caught. The victim will never notice that he/she is being hacked during the whole process. This method works on both Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp, though I find it easier to hack the android version as they have a more open-source code that hackers are aware of. On the other hand, with the iOS version, it takes really long time just to access one account.

There are several differences between the iPhones and Android phones. This means that iPhones are more secured compared to android phones because of their advanced features, whereas android phones run on ROM (based on Google Android) software which is an open-source OS.

Why Should You Hack A WhatsApp Account?

If you are curious about what your partner does on his/her WhatsApp account, then you may want to know how to hack it. There are many ways to do this, but we will only discuss the most effective method of hacking anyone’s WhatsApp account without breaking a sweat.

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To start hacking a Whatsapp account simply follow the instructions below.

Step 1

First, go to

hack whatsapp account
hack whatsapp account
  • You may read the instructions on how to hack WhatsApp accounts.

Step 2

  • Click on the button that says “Start hacking now” to get started.
  • Now enter the WhatsApp mobile number without the “+” sign.
how to hack whatsapp account by number
how to hack whatsapp account by number
  • Make sure that the account number is truly registered on WhatsApp otherwise, the platform will just randomly pick a number (That’s crazy! lol, considering that you don’t know what account you are actually hacking.)

Step 3

  • Now, choose what do you want to hack there are 4 options.
    • Hack chat logs – meaning you want to view the chat messages of the victim.
    • Call logs – hack call logs if you want to see who the profile is calling what who’s calling him/her.
    • Messages/Videos – hack messages and videos received from WhatsApp.
    • Misc. Files – Retrieve all files such as images, pdf, txt files all files as long as it’s on the WhatsApp message.
    • All – this will hack everything retrievable on the victim’s Whatsapp account. All of the above features will override on this one. But they say that it will take some time to complete this process so I advise that you only choose the option the best describes your interest.
how to hack whatsapp account
how to hack whatsapp account

Step 4

  • Next, is you may need to choose how many days history you want to browse data. So, if you want to retrieve messages from the past 7 days then you may choose 7 days. You have the option to retrieve data for up to 60 days which is quite amazing. Though I’m pretty sure that will take some extra time to retrieve but it could be worth it.
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If this doesn’t work for you then you are probably doing something wrong. I have tried it on my personal account and it blows my mind how this is pretty accurate in terms of retrieving my personal messages on my WhatsApp account.

Personal Thoughts:

Now, though am not sure how they can hack WhatsApp accounts by just using the mobile number, one thing I know is that hackers get into your WhatsApp account is by exploiting the vulnerability of the Android security sandbox. This vulnerability allows anyone who has access to the system to read text messages without the user’s consent.

The main purpose of this whatsapp hacking tool is to gain access to the victims whatsapp data and view all their activity or files he has on his account. As you can see, there are numerous ways on how to hack whatsapp but most of the methods do not work.





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