Brazil’s hospitals reach breaking point as health minister blames new coronavirus variants

Sao Paulo (CNN)Hospital ICUs are reaching their limits across Brazil, as health experts and state officials beg the government to impose stricter lockdown measures to reduce coronavirus transmission.The country’s ICU occupancy rates are the worst since the start of the pandemic, according to a Feb 26 report by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), a Brazilian Ministry of Health research institution.Eighteen of Brazil’s 26 states and one federal district have ICU’s at over 80% capacity, federal and state data show. Nine of those are at the edge of collapse at over 90% capacity.

How Brazil missed its chance to secure Covid-19 vaccines

How Brazil missed its chance to secure Covid-19 vaccines 03:13Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello has acknowledged the crisis, telling state governors on Feb 25 that new coronavirus variants had made controlling the pandemic even more difficult, in a country where death and infection rates have long raged out of control.”The mutated virus has three times more contamination capacity, and the speed can surprise governors in terms of structure and support. This is the reality we have today in Brazil,” he saidData from Brazilian state health secretaries shows that the state of Rondônia is struggling most with rising case numbers, with ICUs at 97.5% capacity. It is followed by the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul at 97.2% capacity and the Federal District, which houses the country’s capital Brasilia, at 96.45% capacity.Private hospitals are also collapsing throughout the country. Sao Paulo’s Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, one of Brazil’s most exclusive hospitals — where the very first case of Covid-19 in the country was detected — is at 100% ICU capacity, the hospital’s spokesperson said on Monday.Last week, Brazil marked a record with 8,224 deaths over the course of the week, bringing the country’s total death toll to 254,942. Brazil has also registered more than 10.5 million cases as of Monday.

Calls for preventative measures

The Fiocruz report urged Brazil to immediately adopt preventive measures to reduce the transmission of the virus while the vaccine is slowly rolled out. Just 3% of the country’s population have received one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine and only 1% have received two doses, the Health Ministry said Monday.”With the slow vaccination process and the appearance of new variants of the virus and the uncertainties they still bring, grows the need to disrupt, or slow down, the virus transmission network through non-pharmacological preventive measures,” the report said.

Brazil will vaccinate an entire city's adult population to test the effect on Covid-19 infection rate

Brazil will vaccinate an entire city’s adult population to test the effect on Covid-19 infection rateThe call was echoed by Brazil’s National Council of Health Secretaries. In an open letter, the Council demanded the government of President Jair Bolsonaro to impose a national curfew, ban mass gatherings and in-person teaching, close beaches and bars and implement a “National Communication Plan” to emphasize the necessity of such precautions.So far, the Council said, Brazil’s “absence of a unified and coherent national approach made it difficult to adopt and implement qualified measures to reduce the social interactions that intensified during the electoral period, at the end of year, summer and carnival meetings and festivities.””The relaxation of protection measures and the circulation of new strains of the virus led to the worsening of the health and social crisis,” it added.Throughout the pandemic, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has criticized the use of masks, threatened governors who adopt lockdowns measures, and blamed past governments and governors for the lack of ICU beds.”The health [system] in Brazil has always had its problems. The lack of ICUs was one of them and certainly one of the worst,” Bolsonaro tweeted on January 28.

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Biden has started erasing Trump’s legacy. Now the hard part starts.

President Biden launched his administration with nearly 50 executive actions, variously described in the media as “a barrage,” “a blitz” and “a burst.”

If the public was struck by the sheer number of orders, however, the team that spent more than six months planning them struggled with the opposite problem: resisting the temptation to craft even more orders and reverse larger chunks of former president Donald Trump’s agenda.

Biden’s staff even had a motto: Don’t try to boil the ocean. “You can’t try to do all of the things,” explained Cecilia Muñoz, a senior transition official who oversaw the domestic executive actions. “A transition’s job isn’t to do everything. That’s the administration’s job.”

But now that Biden has undone the most easily reversible Trump policies, the hard part begins — especially after the impeachment trial hampered early Senate action. While liberals are pushing Biden to do more, goals such as expanding health care and strengthening gun control would probably require new laws, which are much harder to enact. Biden says new immigration orders eliminate ‘bad policy’

The coming months will tell how much of his predecessor’s legacy Biden can erase and how much of Trump’s imprint, despite his chaotic style, will endure.

Some Biden supporters say the public will grow impatient if they do not see broader results fast. “We have a very short period of time to have people believe that government is the great equalizer of opportunity,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), who co-chairs the House Progressive Caucus and worked with the Biden transition, noting that its leaders internalized this urgency.

Biden signaled early that he was sensitive to accusations he would try to do too much unilaterally. When signing a batch of executive orders shortly after taking office, he took a defensive tone, saying that day’s actions merely aimed to “undo the damage Trump has done” and that “there’s nothing new that we’re doing here.” As stimulus talks drag on, a single mother struggles for each meal Kelly Evans lost her job during the pandemic, but has never received unemployment. As her family battles hunger, she hopes Washington acts quickly on relief. (Ashleigh Joplin, Zoeann Murphy/The Washington Post)

But that modesty belies a massive effort, occupying hundreds of volunteers and several months, to plot Biden’s early actions and keep them to a manageable scope. The team included many Obama administration veterans who had seen their work reversed and were eager to help put it back together.

“A lot of us viewed this as among the most gratifying professional experiences of our lives,” Muñoz said.

Biden’s team even set up a shadow administration of sorts, recruiting Democrats with expertise in specific agencies to ensure that the orders would stand up to legal challenges.

The effort was driven by a view that Trump’s policies have been codified via an army of operatives who found endless ways, public and hidden, to turn federal policies in nefarious directions.

Even now, Democrats are digging layer by layer through federal orders and manuals — “bureaucratic archaeology,” in the phrase of Lucas Guttentag, a law professor who helped on immigration efforts — in hopes of unearthing buried Trump initiatives.

Trump also opened his tenure with a flurry of executive orders, signing them with great ceremonial flourish. But his approach was less disciplined, and Biden’s onslaught frustrates conservatives who say he is contradicting his own high-flown rhetoric on bipartisanship.

“This isn’t the unity he promised,” Heritage Foundation President Kay James said. “He’s signaled that he’ll take unilateral steps that usurp Congress’s power and leave no room for debate or dissent.”

Other Republicans complain that Biden’s moves are highly damaging.

“It’s obviously true that Joe Biden can terminate a wide swath of policies [in ways] that we would argue would have very harmful effects,” said Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to Trump who helped set up some of the policies that Biden is now trying to unwind.

On immigration, where Miller was particularly influential, he acknowledged the Trump policies were fragile. “It doesn’t take much at all to topple the border security infrastructure that was painstakingly put in place,” he said.

Miller contended that powerful forces oppose Trump’s policies, and that big business, foreign governments and even organized crime support porous borders. “It actually requires a great deal of vigilance to keep the border secure,” Miller said. “Even just suspending that vigilance will cause it to fall apart pretty quickly, let alone trying to work in the other direction.”AD

Biden signed executive orders ordering a review of Trump’s deterrent policies along the border and created a task force to reunite families, calling their separation under the Trump administration a “moral and national shame.”

Despite the methodical early moves, the Biden team is now facing the limits of what he can accomplish on his own. He has promised, among other things, to create a new public health-care option, fix the nation’s roads and bridges, tackle the immigration system and enact tougher climate rules. All would require pushing complex bills through a bitterly polarized Congress or enacting time-consuming regulations.

Biden’s allies are bracing for this next phase. “There is an inevitable limit to how much a president can do with his or her own pen alone,” Guttentag said.

Jayapal said Biden’s unilateral actions on health care in particular are not enough to meet the need. “I am still very afraid that there are a lot of people who are uninsured across this country [and] even with the subsidies are going to be falling through the cracks,” she said.AD

In December, Biden cited the danger of overusing executive power, privately telling Black civil rights leaders that he intended to limit his unilateral actions. “I am not going to violate the Constitution,” Biden said, according to a tape obtained by the Intercept. “Executive authority that my progressive friends talk about is way beyond the bounds.”

Muñoz, too, is aware of the limits of relying on executive actions, despite her role at the center of Biden’s planning. A MacArthur “genius grant” recipient and the daughter of Bolivian immigrants, she started her career as an advocate for immigrant rights before spending eight years in the Obama White House.

Muñoz disappointed some former allies at the time by defending President Barack Obama’s deportation policies, which he had deployed in the absence of a comprehensive immigration restructuring bill. When Biden invited her into his transition, immigration groups complained, and one even launched a petition to keep her out of the administration.AD

Unfazed, Muñoz last year drew up plans for quick executive orders on a range of subjects, organizing them into “buckets” for easy prioritization. One, termed “imminent harm,” was for edicts that had to be issued quickly to avoid people getting hurt — such as extending a ban on evictions and prolonging a freeze on student loan repayment.

A second bucket included things Biden had explicitly promised to do on his first day, such as rejoining the Paris climate accord and lifting the ban on travel from some majority-Muslim countries.

Others reflected Biden’s proactive agenda, including a “Buy American” edict and an order on racial equity that repealed Trump’s 1776 Commission and aimed to root out racism throughout the federal government.

Many of the actions fell under the scope of what presidents typically do, including laying out ethics policies and proclaiming a national day of unity. Biden also lifted a restriction on taxpayer money for nonprofits that perform abortions overseas — a sensitive policy that gets reversed each time a new party takes the White House.AD

The process is ongoing, Guttentag said, adding that it “requires delving into innumerable details” and sorting “through these almost hidden and easily overlooked administrative actions that have incredibly long tentacles that have to be undone, root and branch, to even begin the process of reform.”

Guttentag, a former director of the American Civil Liberties Union Immigrants’ Rights Project, tracked more than 1,000 Trump-era changes to the immigration system alone. Even some of Biden’s executive actions that sound relatively modest — for example, directing agencies to review certain policies — amount to promissory notes that changes will be made, he said.

Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to Obama, cited an experience that reflects the challenges now facing Biden. On one particular day, she recounted, a major Obama immigration measure failed in Congress, while a gay rights provision advanced.AD

Jarrett recalled that people in the domestic policy team had worked in both areas for years, so half the staff was jubilant and the other half in despair. Jarrett told Obama about the high emotions engulfing his policy staff, and the president made an unscheduled visit to Muñoz’s office.

“He said to everybody, ‘For those of you who are so upset about the Dream Act, just remember that the people who’ve been trying to repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ have been at it for 20 years. This change takes time,’ ” Jarrett recalled.

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Because Muñoz fought for policies that Trump reversed, Jarrett said “there is a certain poetic justice to her having the opportunity to help the Biden administration shape the policies going forward.”

But Miller, the former Trump aide, said that even if Biden is able to rewrite federal regulations, his predecessor’s broader legacy — a larger realignment in politics and a growing distrust in the establishment — will be much more difficult to take on.

“Nothing that Biden can do can possibly touch that,” Miller predicted.

[Top 5] Best KickAss Torrent Alternative

Avid torrent downloader? You may find this article useful. We all know that KickAss torrent ( is no longer available and torrent sites claiming to be KickAss torrent are all just copycats. But worry not, we list here the best KickAss Torrent alternative. Kickass Torrents was one of the leading torrent sites on the web. It had a large download population, good download speeds, an easy-to-use interface, an attractive design for the future, and a strong brand name in the file sharing industry.

Unfortunately, the site is no longer what it once was, so let’s take a look at some of the Kickass alternative sites that people use as a reliable replacement to Kickass Torrents today.

Take heed to my advice if you want to get your desired torrent downloads without limit but totally safe. Today, come to me for the best Kickass Torrent Alternative that you could use to get your desired torrent downloads. Note: Remember that illegal downloading of any content is considered a criminal act under the law.

So always be cautious in choosing the appropriate sites to obtain your desired files. Some users may have problems with KickAss Torrent so we are going share to with you the top 10 best alternatives to Kickass torrent.

Here are the Top 5 Best KickAss Torrent Alternative

Kickass torrent site is one of the finest torrent sites available on the Internet. Millions have used this website before. The great thing about this software is its user-friendly design. Unlike other similar torrent sites, KickassTorrent doesn’t require any complicated setup to install it you only have to go to their website and search for your desired movie/software/music to download and you are good to go. Here is the best kickass torrent alternative that you need in 2021.

However, KAT is no longer available since of July 2016, so we are here to talk about the best KAT Alternative for torrenting. They do have some disadvantages especially when it comes to security. With this said, VPN servers that use Kickass torrent provide an added level of protection since there is no way for non-vip users to access the

Alternative #1

Best kickass torrent alternative -
Best kickass torrent alternative –

First on this list is This is actually my personal favorite torrent website. This site was designed by a group of hackers who wanted to create a site that could be used for downloading Kibbitz and other Kickass torrent files. Some say this is the best KickAss torrent alternative because of its unusual design, this site has become somewhat of a haven for internet privacy advocates.

Unlike many of the other sites we have looked at, 1337X does offer a good selection of licensed material, including films. However, because this site caters to security experts and attorneys, it’s important to understand that you may run into some problems if you choose to download Kibbitz or any other Kickass torrent file from this location.

Alternative #2

The Piratebay

Our next entry in our list of good kickass torrents alternatives is Piratebay. Although they are no longer the top site for legitimate downloading, they do have some nice products and offer decent customer support. Their security is solid and they are the only site to have received a seal from the United States Justice Department. It comes with a decent list of movies and music files, but you’ll probably find that there’s nothing else worth downloading from this site.

If you’re looking for one of the best alternatives to copyrighted material, then Piratebay is not a good choice.

Alternative #3

YTS Torrents or YIFY Torrents

YTS or YIFY torrents is another best alternative to KAT. The most popular and easiest method to get movies for free, especially with the advent of the Internet, is through YTS torrents or YIFY torrents. The way you can get free movie torrents and other similar goodies are by getting yourself a proxy site. If you were wondering, what is a YTS torrent? This is simply because this type of torrent is only hosted in one location.

Alternative #4

RARBG.TO is probably one of the oldest torrent sites out there it was founded in 2008! Yes, that is right, it is even older than KickAss torrents and up to today this torrent site is still living! What good about rarbg is that to access most of their torrents you have to actually signed up and to sign up you have to have a registration code which is kinda tricky especially if you don’t know someone who is already registered on this site. The only downside of this torrent site is that they have a low uploader count and its late to get new updates from them.

When you find a good proxy site, that is legit and safe, you can download free movies using this tool. It is a search engine that is used to look for movies. The way to get movies through this means is just as simple as any other. The only difference is, instead of going through a movie company like AMC or HBO to get your movies for free, you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Alternative #5


Who doesn’t remember LimeWire? It’s probably the most used peer-to-peer client in the 90s! I remember downloading my favorite mp3 songs from this app and uploading it on my Nokia mobile. But the app has been ceased to exist because of viruses and malware on almost every other file you download. LOL. If you do not have good anti-virus software you are dead! Good old days.

Today we got LimeTorrents, I am not sure if this is the same developer that has created Limewire but it sure brings back the vibe of the latter. I included it here because of its past reputation as a p2p program. And its one of the best alternatives to KAT.

The good thing about these Kickass torrent alternatives is that it’s easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface and an easy user-friendly interface makes it a popular choice among users to download new movies, software and more. KAT is very easy to use, doesn’t require too much technical knowledge, and has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. KAT allows you to download new movies, software and more by just using peer-to-peer (P2P) programs such as BitTorrent and uTorrent.


Despite being gone the above torrent sites are still great torrent sites and are perfect alternatives to KAT for best torrenting. Unlike a lot of file-sharing programs and sites, these alternatives do not break any laws and will not get you in trouble with the law. It also one of the best torrent sites available today, which is used by millions of users. If you want to download TV series, movies, software for your computer without worrying about getting caught, then these are the best torrent sites for you.

CISCO Found Two Vulnerabilities on Zoom Software

Zoom has a sudden surge of users when this pandemic begun. Employers are requiring their people to start working from home and group video calling is in demand. Zoom is the most favorite tool for video meeting, schooling, social talking.

Since zoom is now one of the center of technology used during this crisis. Attackers didn’t missed the chance to find vulnerabilities to it and successfully found one and ultimately used it to make fun.

The Zoom Software Vulnerabilities

One report about this issue was published by ADnews which apparently showed how hacker are able to interrupt a netting and show some pornographic images and spew hate speech.

From the Cisco Talos blog found two major vulnerabilities on the popular video conferencing software. The vulnerability explained that the attacker could use it to execute malicious code on the victims machines.

Zoom client software and Giphy extension (TALOS-2020-1055/CVE-2020-6109)

Code named (TALOS-2020-1055/CVE-2020-6109) the vulnerability found an exploitable path on the Zoom client Installer sofware version 4.6.10 that process messages that includes GIF’s or the Giphy feature.

Originally, only Giphy server could use the feature and process GIF’s messages. The attacker are able to use the path of this connection to inject malicious codes on it and trigger the vulnerability and execute it on the victims machines. We don’t have all day to explain the vulnerability so read here for more information about it.

The second zoom software vulnerability is the feature in which it stores zip files and automatically unpacking and user downloaded compressed file. Zoom does not perform validation during the extracting the files.

The vulnerability allows the attacker to inject binary codes on the zip file and executes it on the victims machine when Zoom automatically extract zip files.

This is not the first time that Cisco has able to find vulnerabilities on the software. Last may they also found one and immediately informed the Zoom technical team on it which was later fixed.

Make sure you have your anti-virus installed to avoid any malicious attacks on your PC that will affect your machine directly.

Make a Strikethrough Text Generator L̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶

Making a strikethrough effect l̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ was hard before this strikethrough text generator has been developed by This actually solves your problem with making this kind of cross text effect!

Before this generator has been made you need to have a little bit of HTML coding knowledge. Since this only works with some HTML tags such as <del> tag and <s> tag. Such as this example below:

<del>69.99USD</del> which converts to 6̶9̶.̶9̶9̶U̶S̶D̶

Why You Need This Strikethough Text Generator?

Now, the problem with HTML tags is you cannot use it if you are posting on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or anywhere that you don’t have the right to put HTML codes. If you want to post a product and give a discount or post a sale on it. Making a cross out text on the prices before its on sale gives more emphasis that the product has been discounted. You got it?

Like this:

For sale TShirt Before 6̶9̶.̶9̶9̶U̶S̶D̶ now on sale at 39.99USD

Here comes to the rescue a developer xedricity that developed a strikethough text generator.

How to Generate a Strikethrough Text

Want to generate a strikethrough text? No need to download any software simply follow this! The easiest Strikethrough text generator you will ever need.

strikethrough text generator
  • Click on the Cross out yellow button
  • The strikedthough text will be displayed on the below textbox
cross out text generator
  • Copy the result and paste it anywhere you want. Such as facebook, twitterm youtube absolutely anywhere!

Gandcrab Ransomware – Everything You Need To Know

There’s a new ransomware going around the web. Its named Gandcrab ransomware. Now, you didn’t know what is a ransomware let me tell you some brief definition of it.

What is a Ransomeware?

A ransomware just from its name “ransom” means its a crime that involves money and a hostage. Now this hostage is your files and software stored on the infected machine or PC. The victims files will get encrypted on some language that only the attacker can decryption keys. Meaning you cannot use these files because their system language has been altered to the root! If you have an image file, documents, videos, or anything these files would be unusable. And only the attacker can make it back to normal. Of course, your files are the hostage and the attacker will ask for money to get your files back normal just like this image below.

Gandcrab ransomware
A ransomware pop up on computer screen

And no, you cannot bring them back to normal on your own. Even if you hire some top-notched computer security guy. They might be albe to crack the encrpytion but it will definitely take a lengthy amount of time and I mean lengthy I mean years of non-stop decryption. Well, I guess if you are lucky they you can call an FBI-network security guy then they might be able to fix it in no time.

What is GandCrab?

GandCrab ransomware Its a ransomeware virus that attacked more than 500,000 companies worldwide since July of 2018. And just last year it has attacked Vietname and most of Asian countries.

Where GandCrab Originated?

It’s not clear where this virus originated or who made it. On my personal opinion since its been attacking most of Asian countires it should something to do with our Chinese friends.

How to get infected with GandCrab?

  • Gandcrab like most of the viruses disguised itself a legit file. Gandcrab displays as a legitimate archive file with a file name .rar it can get attached to emails and email server cannot detect it. The email containing the virus would be sent to companies employees. The victim opens the .rar file and it will start attacking the machine, encrypting everything on its sight.

How to get back the encrpyted files?

When GandCrab ransomware was opened it will start encrypting files on the victims PC and will open a window that asks for a ransom money ranges from USD400 – USD1,000. However, after the payment its not 100% sure you will get back your files.

How to prevent such attacks?

  • Since this is fairly new kind of virus. It’s very hard to detect whether its a legitimate file or not. Anti-virus software cannot even detect is as a virus. Just don’t open random files on an email that came from someone you don’t know.
  • Make sure you have anti-virus installed on your PC. Most ransomware or almost 90% or computer viruses can be detected with the help of an anti-virus software.
  • Do not open malicious looking files. Especially from unknown email address.
  • For more details on how to prevent such attacks visit this tips to avoid email scams.

Google Expands to Banking – to Offer Checking Accounts in 2020

The Wall street Journal reports about Google’s biggest plan to provide banking and financial services starting early next year. Specifically, it will offer checking accounts for its customer.

Google name the upcoming projects “CACHED”. It will be partnering with banks (Citibank) and small credit union at Stanford to offer the checking accounts and the City bank to handle all financial activities that has relevance to the accounts.

Caesar Sengupta, general manager and vice president of payments at Google spoke to WSJ the initiative and made clarification to profoundly collaborate with banks and financial system.

“Our approach is going to be a partner deeply with banks and the financial system”.

Caesar Sengupta

 It will be seeking to put financial partners focusing and concerning the needs of the customer unlike other tech companies.

“If we can help more people do more stuff in a digital way online, it’s good for the internet and good for us”, he added.

He also noted that loyalty card programs can be one of the offers of the said service. It is also considering to whether ask or not charge service fees. The checking accounts bear enormous amount of valuable data about the consumer spending and how much they are earning. However, Google clarifies that selling to advertiser the checking account of financial data is never be possible. It doesn’t also use Google Pay data for advertising purposes.

Google’s plan is anchored to the desire of reaching the needs for its average user. Google has render couple of years to put into reality their so called Google Pay Services. This search giant reach its popularity with over 67 million users a month to countries like India. It became helpful to people to pay every purchase they will have and send money to friend through online all over the world. However, Big Tech companies like Facebook is also offering a pay option in its all platforms named Facebook Pay and soon to build their own digital currency called “Libra “with its partners in banking services. Early this year, Apple Incorporation paired with Goldman Sachs, launch their Apple Card. Even Amazon expectedly describe to offer teenager checking accounts. These tech companies eagerly interested in putting up financial services.

This push Google to enter this kind of aspect in life. This initiative appears to be looking out millennial and more digital savvy customers who are more comfortable in making their lives easier through online tools. Furthermore, they will also benefit from Google’s competence in working with large sets of data and turning it into Value-Added products.

Google comes in the long run and already established its popularity. But still, convincing people to tune in this Google’s latest plan is quite challenging on their part especially because of political and social competition among big tech companies. Thus, there are also who wonder how these big tech companies use their vast digital heft in other areas like business and economic infrastructure.

10 Most Popular BUT Dangerous Apps for Kids

As a parent, our primarily concerned is the safety of our children. We all know the fact that our children today are most incline in using social media flat forms for the purpose of recreation. It means that they are always in contact with others.Regularly, many new apps are being created and it’s a difficult task for parents to keep on track on their child’s social media activities due to insufficient knowledge about this trendy application most of the child are using. These new trend of applications may somehow provide leisure and information to kids. Unfortunately, some of their favourite apps may turn out to be one of the most dangerous apps for kids they are using.

dangerous app for kids

The alarming thing about the utilization of this application is that it can be a doorway to strangers, bullies and online predators to take advantage on their vulnerabilities. There is no easy way on ensuring the safety of our kids especially when it comes to their access to the digital tools. One of the ways to protect your children is to supplement yourself with information.

Let’s take a look at some of the most dangerous apps for kids.


Dangerous app tiktok

TIKTOK – This is an app use for creating short videos and share it online. It can create 3-15 seconds short music videos and 3 to 60 seconds short looping videos.

Teenagers are using this app for the purpose of self-expression in the most creative way since several effects are added in the video.

The Dangers of TIKTOK App? We all know the fact that children now a days always follow the trends on social media. However, this app is for everyone and everybody can download this app in the play store. There are minors ages 13 below who also utilize this app which made it dangerous for them because there are some language in the videos which are not appropriate to many children.


The Dangers of VSCO app

VSCO – Like Instagram, it’s a photo creation app that gives user the tools to shoot, edit and post images to a profile. It is quite popular with high schoolers.

Many teenager are using this app because it has a more artistic feel than any other photo sharing apps. It has a serious editing which loved by everyone specially those who have interest in photography. With this, many users created an account to share their artistic photos and improve their photography skills.

The Dangers of VSCO app? The privacy setting of VSCO is restricted to none. Meaning, anyone can see the photos they share. Aside from that, if users don’t opt to turn off the feature, anyone can see these locations due to the default settings that shares the location that any picture is taken or shared at. The most problematic thing about VSCO are the kids and types of photos that young children are sharing. Due to insufficiency of knowledge of the parents in today’s trend applications, teenager often use it to share grievous photos.


The dangers of Youtube for kids

YOUTUBE– An app use for educational videos and entertainment. It is a place to store and share video. You can easily control privacy settings.

The dangers of Youtube for kids? It is considered dangerous for kids because there are some inappropriate content that has been added to this application. It has no limitation on the video to watch even young children can access and watch different videos including those are not suitable for them.


The dangers of Tinder app for kids

TINDER – An app in connecting new and interesting people around you in a funny way. It is mainly used as dating app or an anonymous hook-up by teenagers.

The dangers of Tinder app for kids? This app can be worrying too in the part of parents because supposed to be this app is good under the age of 17 years old and above. However, Google doesn’t restrict anyone in downloading the app on the play store, even young ones can download if they wish too. This can be alarming on the side of the parents for it can be the cause of cybercrimes.


Dangers of Snapchat app for kids

SNAPCHAT – An app that allow user to send photos and videos that disappear after they’ve received it.

Young Children are having fun in using this app because of its compelling filters and special effects. Today’s generation are known to be “selfie buddy” and through capturing and sharing pictures they think they are making themselves a little bit happy.

Dangers of Snapchat app for kids? Along this fun application is the danger they might undergo while using this app. Some kids believed that after taking pictures and sending it out, images can’t be saved and circulated. But it turns out that Snapchat pics don’t completely disappear from the device. And user can take a screenshot before the images will vanish.


The dangers of Instagram app for kids

INSTAGRAM – A photo sharing site owned by Facebook. It is used by billions of people around the world to share photos, videos and messages every day.

Teens use this app to flaunt achievements, share daily moments and keep in touch with family and friends.

The dangers of Instagram app for kids? Actually, there are no reports about danger in using Instagram but still parents are afraid that this app often used by their children might be an avenue to open them to inappropriate and malicious content. Hence, the over usage of this app leads children to destruction of their respective reputation.


The dangers of IMVU app for kids

IMVU – This stands for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe. Users interact with each other as avatars.

Why children use this app in the first place? Simply because of the experience the app offers. It has features where users create custom avatars and use them to chat with strangers in random chat or #D chat rooms. It is a bit exciting, isn’t it?

The dangers of IMVU app for kids? In contrary, this app is not appropriate for students specially those ages 13 and below. The app states that it is not meant for children but in some cases, teens still download and use the app. What is more dangerous about this app is that it can be a way for predators to identify their victims and to share personal information such as their numbers and photos.


The dangers of Whisper App for kids

WHISPHER – A kind of app that allows anyone to post secrets anonymously and chat with other users nearby to you.

The dangers of Whisper App for kids? There’s a saying that says, “It is better to talk to strangers, no judgement at all”. This what many children are doing now a days communicating with strangers because they have a thought that their secrets are safer with them than with their friends. Whisper app is a tool that make everyone connect with unknown person. The bad thing here is that they don’t have a single idea or even a bits of information whom they’re connecting with. Thus, this might be a way for strangers to take advantage of young children using this app once they meet already.


POOF – An application that hides other apps on your phone. You can select which apps you would like to hide and their icons will no longer show up on your screen.

Why it is dangerous? Having this application on child’s phone can be alarming. Why? Because once it’s downloaded on their phones, parents doesn’t have an idea what their children is trying to hide in their phones. In some case, children use this application to conceal inapt content they have in their smart phones.


The dangers of Whatsapp app for kids

WHATSAPP – It is a messaging service that let users exchange unlimited text, audio, photo and video messages.

The dangers of Whatsapp app for kids? It is one of the most dangerous apps for kids because the interactions are on the platform other than their phone, meaning teens can have exchanges that are not saved on their phones which make it a little bit harder for the part of the parents to review their child’s phone.

How to avoid kids using dangerous app?

Not every messaging app that your child might be using will put them into harm nor allow them to get reach by strangers that might cause danger to them. However, we need to remember that safety first before anything else.

First thing to do is checking their phones on regular basis. As parents, checking your child’s phone especially before downloading the app doesn’t sound being nosy but responsible. Next is establishing social media rules, when is the appropriate time to use and not to use their smart phones. Also, take effort on explaining to them why you are asking them to hand their phones to check privacy setting and other communication activities.

Many children now a days, do not realize just how much information they are getting and how dangerous it can be. Lastly, exert time on communicating face to face with your children rather than just asking them and checking their phones. Study reveals that parent who often talk with their child save them a kind of danger they might be encountering.

Two Former Employees of Twitter Caught Spying Thousands of Accounts for Saudi Arabia

Recently, two former employees have been charged for spying on thousands of Twitter users’ accounts on behalf of Saudi Arabian Government.

According to the indictment, one of the defendants is identified as Ahmad Abouammo. He is an American citizen who left twitter in May 2015.The other one is recognized as Ali Alzabara, a Saudi Arabian citizen who left twitter in December 2015. The two are accused of spying with their purpose of exposing the identity of non-conformist.

The two- ex employees were recruited in 2014 by Saudi government officials. Both have close ties with Mohammed Bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince. They are hired to access sensitive and non-public information of twitter accounts accompanied with known Saudi critics.

Email addresses, devices used, browser information, biographical information, birthdate and other information that can be used to verify user’s location like IP address together with accounts and phone numbers are just some of the information Abouammo and Alzabarah illegally accessed.

Alzabarah, one of the accused joined twitter in August 2013 as” Site Reliability Engineer “worked with the Saudi officials between May 21 and November 18, 2015.He allegedly accessed more than 6000 private data on twitter accounts.

There are at least 33 users included in the accounts he accessed. This made Saudi Arabian law enforcement submit emergency disclosure request to twitter.

Accordingly, Abouammo has also been separately charged for acting as a foreign agent and handing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with distorted records to fetter the federal investigation.

The criminal complaint says he provided the FBI with a falsified, back – dated invoice charging an unnamed Saudi official $100,000 for “consulting services”.

Aside from spying on twitter users, he is also charged for deleting exact information from social media platforms, revealing identities of some users and shutting down twitter accounts granting request of the Saudi government officials.

According to the affidavit released by FBI, Saudi official paid up to $300,000 to Abouammo to do the task. His work includes trying to cover up with faked invoices to his personal need and provide himself a luxurious Hublot watch worth of $20,000.

Along with these two, another Saudi national namely Ahmed al Mutairi, head of Saudi Social Media Company was charged by US Department justice for his involvement in the case. He has been accused of acting as intermediary between the two former twitter employees and the Saudi Government officials.

After being arrested by the FBI on Tuesday in Seattle, Abouammo is currently in US custody while theremaining two suspects are believed to be in Saudi Arabia and still at large.

Twitter claimed that they cooperated in the investigation and limit access to sensitive account data only to limited of vetted employees.

 “We understand the incredible risks faced by many who use Twitter to share their perspective with the world and to those in power accountable. We have tools in place to protect their privacy and their ability to do their vital work,”

Twitter said in the statement.

China: One of the Biggest Threat In Cyber Warfare

China cyber warfare

China is one of the biggest threats to other countries when it comes to cyber hacking. China is both the world`s second-largest economy and a nuclear weapon powerhouse with the world`s second-largest defense budget, there’s no question that China cyber warfare is the most aggressive worldwide. Western countries have long accused China of aggressive underground activities, and while investigations have traced various attacks on corporate and infrastructure computer systems to have originated from China.

It is nearly impossible to know whether or not an attack is government-sponsored because of the difficulty in tracking true identities in cyberspace.

Why Is China Always Connected To Cyber Hacking?

Hackers from China, often with ties to the government, and have been accused of breaking into gas companies, steel companies, and chemical companies. Not long ago, Chinese Government Companies were charged for stealing the secret chemical make-up of the color white from DuPont. China developed its J-20 fighter planes, a plane similar to Lockheed Martin`s F-22 Raptor, shortly after a Chinese National was charged for stealing technical data from Lockheed Martin, including the plans for the Raptors.

The Federal accusations mostly offer a high-level look from there, but China`s hackers followed a fairly standard playbook. Once they had established themselves on a computer, they would start downloading more malware to escalate their privileges, until they found what they are looking for: data. Chinese Information Operations and Information Warfare include the concept of network warfare, which is roughly analogous to the United States concepts of cyber warfare.

Foreign Policy provided an estimated range for China`s hackers’ army personnel, anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 individuals. Technology Theft and other unfair business practices originating from China are costing the American economy more than $57 billion a year, White House Officials believe, and they expect that figure to grow.

China Hacked Dozens of US Government Agencies and Businesses

China hacking government agencies and businesses

In dozens of interviews with the U.S. Government and business representatives, officials involved in commerce with China, hacking and theft were an open secret for almost two decades, allowed to quietly continue because U.S. companies had too much money at stake to make waves. Eventually, the hackers even installed their own VPN systems on the network so that they could enter at will over an encrypted connection.

A multi-year attack carried out by Chinese hackers was exposed recently, and the scope of it is beyond anything previously seen in nation-state cyber underground activities. A notorious team that is widely believed to have Chinese government support is believed to have compromised at least 10 major global carries and used their networks to track and spy on high-profile business leaders and members of foreign governments.

That makes these cyber underground activities incidents unique is that Chinese hackers appear to have been following their targets as they move from country to country, hopping from one breached network to another as needed. While this ability is not new, this kind of mass-scale has not been seen before. According to a Justice Department accusation, that is effectively what China has done to the rest of the world since 2014. That when the countries APT10 (Advanced Persistent Threat), the hacking group decided to target not just individual companies in its long-standing efforts to steal intellectual property, but instead focus on so-called manage service providers. They are the businesses that provide IT infrastructural like data storage or password management.

More Accusations Against China

For an even greater sense of scale: The accusations allege, among other things, that by hacking into a single New York-based MSP, APT10 was able to compromise data from companies in a dozen countries, from Brazil to the United Arab Emirates. With a single initial intrusion, Chinese spies could leapfrog to industries as varied as banking and finance, biotech, consumer electronics, health care, manufacturing, gas oil, telecommunications and more.
  • The DOJ`s accusations – outline alleged APT10 activities that are focused on government agencies and defense contractors, dating back to 2006, that took a more conventional approach. But MSP hacks don`t just show China`s hacking sophistication; they demonstrate its ruthless efficiency and determination.
  • More than 90% of the department`s cases alleging economic underground activities over the past seven years involve China, more than two-thirds of the departments’ cases involving thefts of trade secrets are connected to China. Compromise MSP, and you have a much easier path into all these clients. They`re super. Yet an investigation by Federal Agencies into why three successive administrations failed to stop cyber hacking from China found an unlikely obstacle for the government.
  • The U.S – China Economic and Security Review Commission was set up in 2000 to examine the implications of growing economic ties with China. An expert on Chinese security issues at the conservative Heritage Foundation said the alleged Internet
  • Hijacking appeared to be part of what he described as a disturbing pattern of aggressive Chinese Cyber Activities. All of this that from China`s view, a global conflict is already underway – in the virtual world of cyberspace, the ability to direct vast amounts of data constitutes a threat, not only to national security, but also to private companies and individuals, as their information, too, has now been put a risks.

Obama’s Say About The Issue

The past Obama administration officials say they did not turn a blind eye to the Google hack or cyber theft from China.

The administration was struggling with other important priorities, such as North Korea, Iran, the economic and climate change. Cybersecurity companies have gotten relatively good at observing and analyzing the tools and tactics of nation-state threat actors; they are less good at placing these actions in context sufficient enough for defenders to make solid risk assessments. In short, APT hackers put themselves in a position where they not only had access to MSP systems but could move through them as an administrator might. Using those privileges, they would initiate what`s known as Remote Desktop Protocol connections with other MSP computers and client networks.

Think of anytime an IT staffer has taken over your computer to troubleshoot, install Photoshop, whatever. It is like that, except instead of a friendly coworker it`s Chinese hackers hunting for secrets. China has denied these accusations of cyber warfare and has, in turn, accused the United States of engaging in cyber warfare against China – a claim the U.S. government denies. China`s hackers will continue to rob the world blind at every opportunity. At least, though, they may now be a little less anonymous when they do.