Working Spotify Premium Account

Get Working Spotify Premium Account & Password List 2021

Spotify is a free to use service available for android and ios that lets you search for and listen to your favorite music. Its like a big music player that every playlist and bands, music, even podcast are present. Its home of about 50 million songs worldwide. They offer free and paid service. Paid are for premium users that pay monthly subscription fees. Today you are going to learn how to get a working Spotify premium account without paying a single $$$.

If you read our previous post regarding on getting free premium spotify account but with no luck then this tutorial is your solution.

The difference from Free User to Premium Spotify User

So what is spotify premium and how does it compare to free user? It is worth looking into because there are some big differences. When compared to just a simple user of spotify, registering for a premium plan has several advantages. The most handly feature is the ability to download the music and play it offline.

Below are the ocmplete list of features available on premium users only.

Spotify Accounts Comparison

Free AccountPremium AccountFamily Account
CostFREE9.99$ 2.5$ / family member
Shuffle Play
No Ads
Song Skips

How to Get Premium Spotify?

One method ordinary users are doing is they are just simply buying these subscription plans on Spotify. That’s the easiest and more straightforward way to do it and unlock the power of Spotify and get premium these juicy features. You could buy one for around $2.99. Then you just activate the Spotify premium part and sign in with your Spotify account and you are ready to go.

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And another method (that’s why you are here) are the use of pre-created prmeium account list. These are the accounts fakedata created and registered for premium subscription and here sharing it all to you.

Use our Premium Spotify Accounts List

The most used and requested list here on fakedata is the premium accounts for Spotify. Today, we are going to fulfill those requests. Enjoy your ears and login on to Spotify using the account list below. Note that some of the accounts below are not working since some users changed the password or they are simply terminated due to multiple logins across different locations. Here are list of working spotify premium accounts available fore FREE.

Working Spotify Premium Account List 2021

[email protected]Spotpass19955
[email protected]Spotpass3321
[email protected]Spotpass658
[email protected]Spotpass22
[email protected]Spotpass11
[email protected]Spotpass58
[email protected]Spotpass54
[email protected]Spotpass99
[email protected]Spotpass143
[email protected]ramses1ys
[email protected]dispausasce
[email protected]rumpurbaghh
[email protected]KAYACYSOBcd
[email protected]Lokalheldey
[email protected]soyooni6t
[email protected]sumisidqe
[email protected]umkhanyox0
[email protected]Gotrorkquorj6
[email protected]PhinnatLalawj
[email protected]yndefull53
[email protected]martaysofiarv
[email protected]spokojenox7
[email protected]Panardiwq
[email protected]LICKhluth1
[email protected]143marshallyy
[email protected]TEMinfera1u
[email protected]titularenoz
[email protected]derivatore1547
[email protected]SOAqd-TEAM
[email protected]Asselladiapsecl
[email protected]malilipol3uPOPO
[email protected]e3d4o4e9u
[email protected]okamenimo1k
[email protected]jIppencyMayncj8
[email protected]manualinuxpw
[email protected]lph190ex1
[email protected]kuromitsuki0v
[email protected]soksid4LOVE
[email protected]brittwalter8nt
You should understand that if the account has been logged on on different locations Spotify can easily detect these activities on the account and will flag the account or even terminate its subscription.

How to Use These Accounts

  • Simply go to
  • Sign-in using one of account listed above
  • Done! Enjoy your free spotify premium account
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Working Spotify Premium Account
Free Spotify Premium Accounts List

If you found a working premium account quickly change its password and keep it yourself. These accounts are good for 1 year of free premium subscription. Some of these accounts are family accounts meaning you can share it with your family as long as they are added on the circle.


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