NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile – The Future of Smart Phones

The NueroSky Mindwave Mobile is the future of smart phones. Using smart phones would be a lot faster with mind control; the technology would allow you to perform each and every task you can do via touch or voice with your mind.

  • Send text messages, can control your screen brightness, or create movie videos you`ve captured.
  • Play so many music videos on some futuristic versions on YouTube, and Netflix.
  • Edit images you have captured – you get the picture with your thoughts.

NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile you would not be longer have to search for an app to open it or stretch your finger all the way to the top of the screen to tap it. Technologies have come so long far away since today the smart phones sport large touchscreens displays. A few years ago, the main way of using a phone was most of them are physical keypads. This was replaced eventually by touch screens we used to this very day. NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile consists of a headset, an ear clip, and a sensor arm. The headset`s reference and ground electrodes are on the ear clip and the EGG (Electro Encephalo Graphy).

The technique`s works like this: Electrodes were placed on the surface of someone`s forehead; these electrodes can measure the electrical signals produced by the brain`s neurons through the scalp. EGG has been used as a diagnostics tools for more than a half of centuries.

NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile Development

NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile

Scientists were developing more technologies to allow people to type with their minds that it would give them more satisfaction. MIT also working on something so-called device AlterEgo, which lets you converse the users with the machines with only by thoughts. These features of the future technologies don`t require you to wear weird contraption things on your head to use it. We`ll have to face it and accept that the battery life of the average smart phones really sucks.

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Even how much expensive you`re smart phone was and even if you have a high-end smart phone like the Mate 20 Pro with this massive 4,200mAh battery, you are still only looking at round two days of average uses. Once the devices run out of juice, you either have to plug it in for a couple of hours or place it on a wireless charging pad, if your smart phones support it.

Things could be quite different in the future. It`s only recently that people have started harnessing EEG as a way of many tools to control technologies and devices. Patients with spinal cord injuries or ALS could potentially use the technology to mobilize these wheelchairs or much better communicate, EGG headsets claimed to give wearers something to akin to superpowers.

As more wearable technologies emerge that claims to quantify our biology. It is important to remember that EGG can read our minds and thoughts. The features of this technology “NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile”, has an automatic wireless pairing, uses TGAM1 Bluetooth v2.1 class 2 module up to 10 meters range, single AAA battery powered and it can run up to 8-hours, static headset, IOS, and Android supported, and a starter kit edition.

NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile Products

NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile product families consist of hardware and software component simples’ integration of this bio-sensor technology into the consumer and industrial end-applications. Usage of the neurosky products is subject to an end-user license agreement.

“Made for iPad,” “Made for iPod,” and “Made for iPhone,” means that electronic accessories have been designed to connect especially to iPad, iPod, and iPhone respectively. It is been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. No warranties that the NEUROSKY product families and related documentation are provided “as is” without any express or implied warranty of any kind including warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of intellectual property, including patents, copyrights or otherwise, or fitness for any particular purposes.

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Educational Focused

What`s really good about this mind wave is more than 100 brain training games, educational apps, and development tools were available through NeuroSky, iOS, and Android stores. You can also write your own programs to interact with Mind wave Mobile by using the free developer tools. But even with those sharpened algorithms, portable EGG systems still won`t be able to do all of the things that wired EGG systems can do all in the laboratory. Therefore, companies have to be very careful not to over-promise or make claims that are ahead of these technologies. InteraXon is now working with the app developers to help them better and understand more about the data collected from EGG systems and limits of this technology.

The Companies want to encourage, not just their own developers, but the community as well, in thinking about what the headset can do and can`t do, so the experience isn’t too disappointing for all users. With this technology finally, we can do now measurements with our minds. We can measure the speed and sound with only our mind. One day and if that day would come we will face ourselves and find out that we are living in the world of full of lies. And the scientists start already to feel that the big clash is coming.

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