Is Incognito Mode Really Private?

What really happens when you are browsing using Incognito mode. On this article we will tackle about that. Have you asked yourself that is incognito mode private browsing really private?


Private browsing has become an essential part of today’s browsing experience. There are several reasons people do not want to reveal their browsing history to the other user of the gadget. Sometime it may be to protect their privacy and some time to some security reason. But is it entirely safe using the Incognito mode in our browser? We are not here to place the answer on our face, instead, let’s discuss why is it more reliable and what happens when we do not go incognito on our browser. And we hope at the end of the article we will figure out the answer ourselves.

What is the Incognito mode?

Incognito mode is an irreplaceable part of the famous private browsing. The incognito mode is a browser setting that allows the browser to remove all browsing history or do not store them. It is also referred to as InPrivate browsing or Private window. This mode helps the browser to block the cookies and. It saves the forms in the autocomplete field. But the central fact is when we close the window none of this data is stored preferably all are erased. Not only chrome there are other private browsing options in other online browsers too.

Where can we use incognito mode?

There are different places and causes we can use the incognito mode. E.g. we can use them when we are surfing some secret research on some topic which do not want to reveal. Also, while surfing the internet from a public computer, we should use the incognito mode as no one wants to reveal their browsing history to some stranger. As a whole, we do not use the normal browser if we wish to keep our browsing a secret.

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Is the incognito mode private browsing safe?

It is the biggest question. We all know that incognito gives you privacy, but on which extent? And does it provide security? As we have told before using incognito mode may make it safer but do not rely on our answer. Instead, we will find it together about why it is safer to have the incognito mode.

  • Our browser will not store any browser history. There will not be any record of which sites we access during our surfing session.
  • It will not save any cookies or site data. As soon as we close the browser, the data gets erased.
  • As we close the window, the change data will be gone.
  • We have to specify the extensions in the setting. Without specifying, there is no chance we can use them.
  • In the incognito mode, we are not able to log in through the saved password. And there will be a new cookie store.
  • But the saved bookmarks and downloads are still there in our browser.

What does not happens when we use the Incognito mode?

what happens in incognito mode

So long we have discussed what happens when we use incognito browser. But it is more important to learn what does not happen when we use the incognito mode. This is more important to learn as wrong information may harm more than having no information.

  • The first fact about it is that it may not save the data in our browser history, but that does not mask our activity from our internet service provider.
  • If we are in the office and using incognito to surf useless places on the internet to save us from monitoring, then we are wrong. Incognito is not able to guard us against the boss.
  • It does not mask our IP.
  • We can not visit a website without letting them know about their presence just because we are incognito. They can still find us.
  • There is no protection from any bad website or malware or spyware we may download mistakenly.
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Technology is the so fast each day that we find it challenging to keep pace with time. That is when we need help with these articles to learn about the different settings and applications available on our phone. We have discussed incognito mode and how safe is it to use in the report.  As we are through the above article, we can say that going incognito will make us more private rather than safe. Thank you for visiting us. We hope to see you soon again.

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