The Rise of Stalking Software Available For the Public

Stalking Someone? It’s Easier Now!

Do you feel like someone knows every bit of information about you? You had an instinct that someone has access your personal computers and mobile phones without you knowing it? Stalkers have their new way on tracking and monitoring their victims through using mobile apps and digital surveillance better known as spyware. How does domestic abusers use smartphones to spy their partners? More and more people who commit violence against their partners are using digital to make their victims’ lives worse. Violence against intimate partners are spread worldwide. It affects nearly one in four women and one in six men at some point in their lives. That violence is harrowing enough. Now imagine that your abusive girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse has the ability to track your location, read text messages, and listen to your phone calls and more.

Spy software comes along or rather runs in a stealth mode therefore, it’s not easy for anyone to know that someone is checking on them. With that, you can easily run your research as long as you want to. Aside from the things that are already mentioned, there are some also that can be considered as its advantage. Employers may install the app to monitor closely their employee’s email or internet activity. It also help them run their work smoothly. People in a relationship might also use this app to track their partners’ personal doings to verify whether they already engage in infidelity which became very common to couple. It can be useful to parents whose primary concern is the welfare of their children through monitoring their phone and social media activity. It enables them to track every movements of their child who have engage most of their time in the internet, especially now a days that social media already became boomerang to them.

Stalking software also called spyware is an application that can be downloaded to someone’s phone to track and monitor the owner of the phone secretly. Accordingly, mobile threat researchers at Avast have detected eight apps on the Google Play Store that enables people to stalk particularly employees, children, boyfriends and girlfriends as well. These apps were published under the following names:

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  • All Inclusive Mobile Phone spy
  • Spy on all ios and Android Devices
  • Track Sms, Call logs, App chats, GPS etc.
  • No Rooting or Jail Breaking required
  • Invisible mode, monitor the actively remotely
  • Available for public use here:

Spy Kids Tracker

  • Best suitable spy on your kids
  • App which has lot of great features that helps in protecting your kids
  • Personal safety app to keep track of where your family members are

Phone cell Tracker

  • Monitors all internet activity on Target Mobile Phone

Mobile Tracking

  • Security feature in device that will automatically sends the sim contact number to specified recipients to help locate and recover device
  • Tracks gps locations, browser activity and messages

Spy Tracker

  • Next generation of smart phone surveillance
  • Records the incoming and outgoing phone calls, sms and surroundings

SMS Tracker

  • Remotely track and monitor all SMS and MMS, text messages, calls and GPS location
  • Most complete remote tracking and monitoring system for Android Phones
  • Available for the public use example website :

Employee Work Spy

  • Installed into the company owned smartphones to log activities such as text messages, web history, GPS locations, social media and more
  • Send information to your device to your private viewing account that you can access online from anywhere

Family Employee Monitor

  • This app remotely send, in real time,devices:
  • TEXT

These apps reveal detailed information on victims photos, account passwords, text and email messages and even the eavesdrop of people wherever they are without their permission. Some of this application activates automatically activates cameras and microphones to track and monitor victims easily and with that, 15 feet away the one who installed the software hears and see what the victims actually said and do. How does it all done? You simply installed the app to the target or prospects, enter the license key and let it do its thing. All recorded data is sent to the apps server. The spy app runs in the background and cannot be detected by users.

How does abusers install this without any detection? A person who wants to do bad thing on his victim can get hold of that phone and computer for a very short time can already installed it and do it in a very devious way. Obviously this kind of software is illegal to manufacturer, illegal to advertise and illegal to sell and most specially, it is illegal to use. Its purpose can no longer be called tracking but hacking through reading emails, hearing voice calls and entering into phone calls. There are various key terms on these application but they end up with one function – stalk.

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Stalking someone online

To compete globally, we need new discoveries and inventions of applications. We should know that not all applications are used for malicious purposes.  However, along this advancement is the effect it may cause to a certain individual. Stalking, from its word alone is the unwanted or repeated surveillance by an individual or group toward another. Installing a spyware on person’s phone or personal computers can be considered as highly unethical because it’s already against to the rights of people when it comes to privacy. All things or application that had been invented may be beneficial in most cases but can also be harmful in some point. This kind of software once abused by users like employers, stalkers and abusive partners may promote criminal behavior. This only means that the costumers as well as the victims are endangered. Along with more blatant stalking behaviors, there will be an issue of threats of physical or sexual violence. This issue or behavior includes the following:

  • Investigating friends and family of victims to collect information on their current status, whereabouts and new people they are link in.
  • Appearing to place where the targeted person might be
  • Sending unwanted gifts and letters as threats

Along with these, is the sharp rise on cyber stalking activities which include:

  • Threatening to provide information if the victim hesitates to give
  • Sending threatening texts, posts, tweets etc.

It may appear in different forms but the consequences can be unpleasant for the person experiencing. Researchers have consistently shown that being stalked can produced post-traumatic stress, whether it is in person stalking or the other way around. There are some studies shows that victims are far more likely to report depressive symptoms, sleeping problems, lower non-being than those effects from being stalked including physical, social and psychological. In case of relationship affairs installing spyware on their partner’s respective phones is associated with harmful outcomes. These include repeat physical violence, psychological distress and impaired physical or mental health.

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Living in this world, with advancement of technologies and surrounded with millennial, people somehow need a kind of application that would generate easy tasks and perform different operations. What are the advantages of spy ware? Can it be a help to other people? One of the advantages of this app is its flexibility since it can be used to both phones and computers. Next, it is user friendly because it is easy and quick to install. It takes only less than 15 minutes and you can find multiple guides on the internet on how to use it. It is also cheap to access because once you buy, you don’t have to keep on updating from time to time. Hence, there are no additional costs unlike other soft wares. Other than that, it has no expiration meaning, you can access this app anytime you wish. It can’t also be tracked easily.

In contrary, stalking software is a very dangerous program. It can harm the user who controls the computer through redirecting web browser, diverting advertising revenue to a third party, installing additional software, accessing websites unknowingly that may cause strong and harmful viruses. It can also get many home pages, slower connection speeds and worst, it may lose some important programs in your computer. Thus, the disadvantages doesn’t only revolve in physical features of phone and computers because the real disadvantage is stalking apps became part of the growing problems on domestic violence and sexual violence. Moreover,85% of Domestic violence cases come from the people who are tracking them. It has been well-documented for almost two decades.

One might hope that spyware of this sort is only available to well-provisioned nation state intelligent agencies, or the very least, computer science experts. Unfortunately, it’s not. Installing this powerful spyware is actually just a few clicks away. Upon searching “mobile trackers “and you’ll find plentiful links that will lead you in monitoring or tracking your targets.

See? We have come so far in terms of upgrading our digital tools. In fact, there’s no wrong in doing so, since it could also be useful in different purposes. What makes it wrong is the idea of using it without serving its real purpose.

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