5 Easy Ways on How to Hide Your IP Address

Do you feel like you are being stalked or each of your moves on the internet are being tracked on the Internet? So do I and so do a lot of people. The myth about everything you do online is recorded somewhere is not a myth- it’s true. Nowadays, there are various software that can stalk anyone’s online movements. So we are going to learn on how to hide your IP address easy and free.

Unless of course, you manage to burn down the artificial satellites and networks there exist. There are often times you do not want your information to be known. Moreover, many agencies and the government can control what you have access to.

While this is at times necessary for safety, it is not always reasonable. For example, why would anyone ban university students from playing games online? They are grown-up people and know what they want to do better.

Your IP address is a very important factor in all these cases. Do not know what IP address do or why you should be concerned about hiding them? Congratulations, you will find out everything.

Let us figure out everything together and also how to hide your IP address easily. You really do not need to be an expert or a hacker to do this.

How to Hide Your IP Address Easily: What exactly is an IP address?

hide your ip address

Apparently, IP address means Internet Protocol and every device in an area has a different IP address. It is what allows everyone to recognize where the traffic is coming from. Just like its name, IP address is something of an internet address- it tells where you are accessing from.

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Why would you want to hide it?

When everything is so vulnerable online, the least precaution you can take is hiding your IP address. Reasons why you should do it are:

  • Hide your location: IP address is capable of telling your location particularly because each location has a different IP address. Whenever you do something on the internet, the people concerned know where the requests or traffic is coming from. Even hackers can find your location easily, using your IP address.

If you have seen a lot of movies then you have also seen the police or FBI catching criminals using their IP address. In case you actually are a criminal, please don’t read further, I am not helping you.

  • Gain Access: At times the government or various other agencies block sites or activities from a certain IP address. Unfortunately, this is not always fair and that is why it is better to hide your IP address at times. Craving to play that game or learn about absurd stuff? Hide your IP address to not let the others know.
  • Be anonymous: You never know what trouble you may get into when browsing or doing something on the Internet. It might not even be your fault. Therefore, it is best to stay anonymous on the internet and the only way to do it is by hiding your IP address.

5 Ways to Hide Your IP Address Easily

1. Virtual Private Network- VPN

Virtual private network hide real ip address

This is by far the best method someone can use to easily hide their public IP address. The government often takes absurd measures like banning FaceBook to control the freedom of speech. And, this absurd measure is better taken of in perfect ways. The best way to deal with such actions is by using a VPN.

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Now, what is a VPN? Apparently, as you can guess, it is a private network. You have to connect to it and when you do so, your IP address gets hidden. Through it, you can not only keep your identity hidden, traffic encrypted but also you can access the blocked sites.

Furthermore, VPN also provides you with very fast access. All you have to do is download a VPN service, connect to it, and access everything through it.

You will get even better service than what you normally get from the Internet.

2. Proxy Servers

Want easy access to restricted sites and also an untraceable IP address? Then, proxy servers are something you can use. In fact, you can connect to any proxy server very easily.

Furthermore, it lets you access anything. However, it is not as secure as a VPN is. It sure does hide your IP address but it does not encrypt the data being transferred. Apart from that, it provides a slower service than VPN but is still great.

3. TOR- The Onion Router

If you want to disguise yourself online then TOR is what will help you. Apparently, if you connect to TOR, it assigns you a new IP address hiding your original one. Therefore, you get to roam around anonymously and also have access to places you are not supposed to visit.

Furthermore, this is completely free. But, with free things comes drawbacks. You will probably not enjoy a very fast speed or encryption of data packages.

4. Mobile Network

If you have to access something very privately for just a few times or in emergency cases then you can choose to use mobile data. Apparently, this will be quite slow and also the encryption will not be that great. However, you will be able to hide your permanent IP address for a while.

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5. Public WiFis

The number of restaurants, shopping malls, shops, etc. Offering WiFi is countless nowadays and with a countless number of people using it, you are quite safe with whatever you do. It is more like hiding in plain sight.

Using a public WiFi will not exactly hide the IP address but it will hide your identity. This is because the address is not where you actually reside. It also belongs to someone else.

However, these networks are very vulnerable and also slow. So, it is a choice if you are in an emergency only.

In Conclusion,

With the massive increase in the use of technology, the crimes involving it are increasing as well. Internet is something people cannot imagine life without now and it is also one of the unsafest places to be in virtually. As a result, you will have to take the necessary precautions to combat the insecurities.

Either avoid doing things that can get you into trouble or just hide your IP address. Because now you know how to hide your IP address easily.

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