[METHOD] How to Track an iPhone Location by Number for Free

Wondering how to track an iPhone by phone number? Today, you are going to learn a method in which which you can easily Track an iPhone Location by Number. Yes! You only need the iPhone cellphone number to start tracking its GPS Location. The good thing about this method is that you won’t need to download any software to even PAY for the service to make it work! This method is completely free and won’t cost you a single dime just to operate it.

With all the iPhone trackers available online that lets you track and spy on the device most of them are paid service that requires you to subscribe on a monthly basis or you need a software or an app that you should install on the victims mobile before it could work – this method I am going to share is that you don’t need to install any software to start tracking iPhone immediately.

Why Should You Track an iPhone’s Location?

Of course, you have your reasons as to why you wanted to track an iphone’s location. One reason is that you might want to track your kids current location, your spouse location right now, or your gf’s/bf’s. Or someone probably scammed you over the phone and wanted to track its location – well this is a solution for you.

Thanks to the modern technology we have right now, Tracking an iPhone has become a lot easier than before. As a matter of fact, it is no longer a big deal to learn how to track iPhone online as anyone can easily to do it. It has become one of the widely used online services around the world. In fact, a lot of websites offer this kind of service for free.

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Here’s The Method To Track an iPhone Location by Number


  • First go to https://gpscellphonelocator.com/
  • You may watch the tutorial if you are not sure what you are doing but its pretty straight forward and I am pretty sure you can easily catch up how this works!
  • Click on the “Start Tracking Button
  • Now enter the device’s mobile number [SIM CARD NUMBER]
how to track an iphone location
how to track an iphone location
  • Wait for a few minutes the process will begin and start tracking the mobile number location.
how to track an iphone location
how to track an iphone location
  • Just after few minutes, it will give you the result of the mobile device location. Not only that but it will also give you the recent Facebook activity, messages, and call logs, app logs these are the logs of the activity of the app such as app notifications.
Successfully tracked an iphone by just using the mobile number
Successfully tracked an iphone by just using the mobile number

Features it offers

  • Track any iPhone Mobile by just using the Phone Number
  • Works almost on all countries (USA, CA, EUROPE, ASIA)
  • No Software to Download
  • Safe and Secure
  • Browse iPhones SMS logs, Call logs, and Location logs
  • 100% FREE

This is probably the best iPhone tracking method that is able to do much more than just monitoring the track of the basic activity of the device. It is also able to track the location of the user of the iPhone. This is especially useful in cases where the iPhone is misplaced or stolen or even you might want to check where is your spouse’s location is. Apart from tracking the exact location, GPSCellphonelocation.com is also capable of keeping track of call logs, SMS messages, and emails sent to the user’s iPhone. Other features, it is also capable of including data import and export.

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Another good thing about this website is that you will be able to track your lost iPhone even if it has been lost or stolen. With GPSCellphonelocator.com you can easily find your lost or stolen phone you only need your SIM Card’s number. But if the thief has removed the SIM card then you have no other choice but to report to authorities and wait for their response.

Personal Thoughts:

I am confident to say that GPSCellphonelocator.com is the best tool for tracking anyone’s iPhone location by just using the mobile number of the device. I have tried it using my personal phone and it works like a charm. I have received reports that it’s not working on their end now I am not sure about the reasons why it’s not working for them. I have tried it with my wife’s iPhone device and it works every time. No issues for me.

One thing I notice about this tool is that it won’t work unless the phone’s “Location service” feature is TURNED OFF. Now, this is a big disadvantage as if the phone was stolen the number one thing to do is turn off every service it has. Well, I am only using it for tracking my wife’s current location and this will be no issue to me as long as she is not aware of it.

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