10 Myths about Computer Viruses

Slow Computer - 10 Myths about Computer Viruses

In this age of computer technology advancement, security threat comes with it. Most of us rely on our personal computers, laptop or mobile devices to do day to day tasks, ordering grocery online, shopping online, and banking online- these were the major example of online transaction that we do. So with this being said, our … Read more

SMS Bombing Operation in Passwordless Database Uncovered by a Security Researcher


Bob Diachenko, a Cyber Threat Intelligence Director and a journalist at SecurityDiscovery.com has uncovered a massive SMS Bombing Operation that exposes millions of users’ information. You might be wondering why is the uncovering of SMS bombing so relevant. Well, let us start first to elaborate what is SMS Bombing, it is basically sending duplicated text … Read more

Capturing Your Visitor’s Email Address: Why is it important?

Email Marketing for Business

On this post you will learn how to collect email address on your website and why it is important to do so. There are several bloggers and online business owners don’t realize the importance of capturing their visitors’ email address. According to the Baymard Institute, there is 69.57% average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate. … Read more