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How to Calculate Compounded Interest Rate From Your Investment

Today, I am going to share to you a cool online tool where you can easily calculate the interest rate of your investment if the interest scheme is compounding. But first, we are going to learn what is compounded interest scheme.

What is Compounded Interest?

A compounded interest is a financial term where the investing institution compounds the interest from your investment yearly or monthly. Meaning if your investment has an interest rate of 5% your gain from the first year/month is added to your face amount and then the whole amount will now gain another 5% on the succeeding year and so on and so forth until you reach the maturity date.

Unlike straight interest where the amount you have invested will gain a fix rate from your face amount. Meaning if you have investment $1,000 at 5% interest per annum with the maximum of 5 years term. You only gain $250 in total. While at the compounding interest scheme your $1,000 investment on the same interest rate will gain a total of $276.28 on the maturity date.

It is easier to give you an example on how compounded interest works and how to calculate it correctly.

Example: You have invested $1,000 which has 5% interest rate annually, your $1,000 will gain $50 on the first year. In total you will have $1,050 on the first year of your investment, now this amount will be counted for the next years interest rate. On the second year your $1,050 will gain another $52.50 interest, you will now have a total of $1,102.5 on the second year. This process will continue until you reach the maturity date.

How to Calculate Compounded Interest Rate
How to Calculate Compounded Interest Rate

Here’s How to Calculate Compounded Interest Rate Without Breaking A Sweat

  • First, visit xedricity.com and under projects menu find and click Investment ROI Calculator tool.
  • Enter the amount you have invested (ex. 1000)
  • Enter the interest rate (ex. 5)
  • Enter the term (ex. 5)
  • Now choose “Calculate Compounding” for compounded scheme or “Calculate Straight” if you wanted straight interest scheme.

The tool is very straightforward and easy to use. You don’t need to break your calculator to calculate these numbers. I have been personally using this tool for a year now and its just smooth and awesome. They also have other useful tools such as the Strikethrough text generator which converts normal texts to striked texts or cross out l̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶.

Quickly Generate A Temporary Email Address

Are you bombarded with spam on your personal email address inbox? This is probably because you have been using your personal email address to sign up websites that send you automatic newsletters and updates. In some cases, these websites sell your email address to other entities and those entities send you another batch of unsolicited emails. And I could go on. Well, if you can’t avoid signing up on that particular website then at least use a temporary email address.

A temporary email address is also called a disposable email address. These email addresses are widely used by techie users worldwide they have been around for more than 10 years in the internet and you probably just discovered them by reading this post.

Today, I am going to share to you a really cool disposable email address generator website that generates instant email address that you can use right away to sign up on any website you want and acquire the confirmation email easily. I have been personally using this website for almost everyday on my internet life. Rest assured this is the most safe and sleek temporary email address generator you could find online.

Why You Need A Temporary Email Address?

Well, as I have said earlier websites sells your personal information to other entities that includes your personal email address. Now, you want to avoid that since spams will get file up on your inbox and you are get bored with your mailbox because all you see are spam.

If you sign up on a website that doesn’t particularly give importance to you then a temporary email address is the way to go. Plus it’s anonymous who don’t want to be anonymous online?

Here’s A Tutorial How To Use A Temporary Email Address

  • First off, Simply go to https://instant-email.org/ – there are many temporary email address provider this one is my personal favorite. They are simple, easy, FAST, and most importantly fewer ADS – for me that’s important.
  • You can see right away that textbox where you can edit your username and choose a domain name for your temp mail address.
Temporary email address
Instant-email.org GUI – Temporary email address
  • Now, you can easily set what username you want and what domain you want to choose. As you can see, they have numerous domains to choose from. You can even use them to sign up on Facebook. I tried one myself.
  • With these, you can sign up with an unlimited number of accounts on some websites without using yahoo mail or other email address provider that are very hard to sign-up because they have a phone verification system.
  • After you choose a domain you can see below instantly the email address you have just generated and it’s ready to use!
Temporary email address 1 - Quickly Generate A Temporary Email Address
Insant-email.org GUI – Temporary email address
  • Now, I will try to sign-up on disqus using this email address. Watch and learn!
Working Temp Mail
Testing Instant-email.org on Disqus – Working Temp Mail
  • After I clicked the sign up button its done. Now go back to insant-email.org and see if you received the confirmation email.
Testing Instant-email.org on disqus
Testing Instant-email.org on disqus
  • And there you have it! Our temp mail is fully working. You can use this email address on any website you want to sign up to.

Personal Thought

You should love how powerful that tool is. Imagine not using your personal email address to some websites that may send you spam emails. You should know that most of them will tell you “We do not spam” then you could see your mailbox getting full with spam right after you sign-up on them.

You should also note that since this is a temporary email address. Use it only to something not so important. Because when you read their Privacy Policy it says that they do not store your emails in more than 3 days. So meaning after 3 days your emails will be gone for good!

One more thing that I like on Instant-email.org is that they frequently change their list of domains to avoid blockage from websites. How, cool and responsible is that?

How to Unseen An Instagram Story After You Seen It? And more Questions

I got so many questions about this is it possible to see who viewed your Instagram stories after 24 hours? Well, today we are about to answer the 3 famous questions about Instagram Stories.  Some of them are pretty easy to answer you just need common sense. LOL. Anyway here we go.

Today, I am going to answer some of the frequently asked question about Instgram stories such as the following questions:

  1. How to see who viewed my Instagram story after 24 hours.
  2. Can someone see that i viewed their Instagram story if we are not friends?
  3. How to unseen an Instagram story after you seen it?
  4. Can someone see that i viewed their Instagram story if i already blocked them?
  5. If i restrict someone on Instagram can they see i viewed their story?
Question #1

How to see who viewed Your Instagram Stories after 24 Hours

Instagram Story

Okay, on March 2019 Instagram did an update and removed the feature where you are able to see who viewed your Instagram stories even after 24 hours or not active. It dismayed a lot of users since you really wanna know if someone might be stalking your profile.

So, is it possible to view your Instagram stories after 24 hours?


Its NOT. Instagram did this internal update and unfortunately there is no coming back. There are no options that will enable you to see it again. You will only see the number of views it got after it got archived.

Question #2

Can someone see that I viewed their Instagram story even if we are not friends?

You got to stalk someone and browse their profile and want to see their current story. You are not friend with that user and you are not following him / her either. You were confident that they wont see you that you viewed his / her Instagram story. Wrong!


If you viewed the users Instagram story even if you are following him / her they can still see you that you viewed their Instagram story. And that will get you to another question how to unseen that Instagram story that you just viewed?

Question #3

How to unseen an Instagram story after you seen it?

Unfortunately, you viewed your crush / enemy / someone you always stalk Instagram story and you are panicking on what the fck you just did. You just lowered your ego. But don’t worry there is a little trick how to unseen an Instagram story.


You can unseen an Instagram story if you block the user. Yes, when you block the user all your activity with that user’s profile such as likes, comments, hearts whatever will be gone that includes the viewing of his / her story. I know it’s sad but it’s the only way.

I should note that if you block the user you will automatically unfollow that account. If you want to unblock him / her you have to follow them again that raises a flag on the user. And if you ever blocked him / her and decided to unblock him / her again. All of your activity with that profile will come back to life.

Question #4

Can someone see that I viewed their instagram story if I Already blocked them?

First, you cannot see their Instagram profile since you already blocked them. And nope, you cannot see their Instagram story either.


When you block someone, you won’t be able to see that someone on entire Instagram network as if like they are non-existent accounts.

Question #5

If I restrict someone on instagram can they see I viewed their story?

First, what is “restrict” feature on Instagram? In It means that you can restrict that user from your account. He / she can still browse your activity even comment and react on your posts but you have the option to either approve his / her comment or not. Users you have restricted won’t be able to automatically posts comments on your uploads you have to approve them first.

If they message you, you can see their messages but they wont be able to know if you have viewed them. Here’s how to enable and use it.

Now, lets go back to the question if you have restricted someone’s profile but want to view their story can that profile see that you have viewed their story?


YES! He can see you viewing his / her story like you are a normal user.

All of these questions fall on the main fact that all you want to do is view that users Instagram story but you don’t want that user to see that you are viewing their stories. There are solutions to come around on this problem but with great work. Such as creating a new random account and following that user and from that account you can do whatever you want anonymously.

Bonus Tip: How to Get Free Instagram Followers without Following Anyone Back

Here’s A Quick Video Explained

What is Windows 10 God Mode and How to Enable it

After learning on how to remove the annoying “Activate Windows” watermark on your PC / Laptop today we are going to learn what is God Mode feature on your Windows OS.

Do you want to be a God? A God that controls everything and has access to anything and sees everything. We’ll you can’t be a God in real life but you can you with your Windows 10 PC. I guess? On this tutorial you learn how to enable the God Mode feature of your Windows 10 PC / Laptop. What does this tool do and how it help you even more progressive with your daily work.

Learn How to Enable and Use Windows 10 God Mode

What is Windows 10 God Mode

You probably think that the Windows 10 God mode is some kind of hidden special feature on your Windows 10 PC. ehhh! You have been pranked! The God mode on your windows 10 is just a simple feature alternatively called the Windows Master Operating Panel. Don’t get dismayed yet as this feature is pretty useful by itself. Imagine all the controls and features of your PC is under one folder where you can easily operate them without going to each of different folders and windows.

Pretty sleek feature if you ask me. You do not need to open windows each time you change someone on your PC. Everything is one click away. Everything should be pretty easy and fast if you have this kind of feature.

Available Tools and Features of the Windows 10 God Mode

Here are the complete list of the features and available tools when you are using the Master Control Panel of the Windows 10 God Mode.

  • Administrative Tools
    • Create and format hard disk partitions
    • Defragment and optimize your device
    • Diagnose your computer memory problems
    • Edit group policy
    • Manage computer certificates
    • And much more.
  • AutoPlay
    • Backup and Restore
    • Backup and Restore windows
    • Restore data files or computer from backup
    • Color Management
  • BitLocker Drive Encryption
  • Credential Manager
  • Date and Time
  • Devices and Printers
    • Setup USB Game Controller
    • Add Bluetooth device
    • Add a device
    • View printers
    • And much more.
  • Ease of Access Center
    • Accommodate learning abilities
    • Accommodate low vision
    • Change the narrator voice
    • Optimize for blindness
    • And much more.
  • File Explorer Options
  • File History
  • Fonts
  • Indexing Options
  • Infrared
  • Internet Options
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Network and Sharing Center
  • Pen and Touch
  • Phone and Modem
  • Power Options
  • Programs and Features
  • Region
  • RemoteApp and Desktop Connections
  • Security and Maintenance
  • Sound
  • Speech Recognition
  • Storage Spaces
  • Sync Center
  • System
  • Tablet PC Settings
  • Taskbar and Navigation
  • Troubleshooting
  • User Accounts
  • Windows Defender Firewall
  • Windows Mobility Center
  • Work Folders

Each of these categories has their own individual functions when you click on them and guess what you are still on the same folder!

Why you Need the God Mode Feature?

If you are a control addict that want everything to be on their right position and functions as you want them to be, but don’t want to manually set everything by opening lots of different windows on each set up you want to make. We’ll this tool is for you!

Everything is right in a single folder where you can control everything easily and quickly. This is much better your start up menu where you think everything is there well not. This is pretty useful for advanced users and control addict.

Windows 10 God Mode
Windows 10 God Mode Feature

How to Activate God Mode Feature in Windows 10

Now for the most important part of this tutorial. How to activate the God Mode feature on your PC. The method of activating it is pretty easy but not common method. So, I still think this feature is kind of a secret feature. Here’s how you can activate it.

Step 1
Create a Folder

How to Activate God Mode in Windows 10 - Step 1
How to Activate God Mode in Windows 10 – Step 1

Just to any drive or even on your desktop and create a new folder. Right click your mouse on the folder you want to create the God Mode folder and create a New Folder.

Step 2
Rename the Folder

How to Activate God Mode in Windows 10 - Step 2
How to Activate God Mode in Windows 10 – Step 2

Right-click on the folder you have just created and click “Rename”. Rename the folder using this exact words GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} copy words exactly as it should be so it will work successfully!

Copy this Code


Step 3
Check the Changes

How to Activate God Mode in Windows 10 - Step 3
How to Activate God Mode in Windows 10 – Step 3

You will notice that the folder has been changed to some kind of a different kind of icon. See image.

Step 4
Ready to Use

You are now ready to use the God Mode folder you have just created click on it and you can now start using it.

How to Disable God Mode Feature

Now, you are done playing around with the God Mode feature you might want to disable it. Disabling it is much easier all you have to do is “DELETE” the folder and done! But why would you want to disable it? Just keep it and use it whenever you want.

NOTE: You will not be able to rename it that is why you will see that Windows 10 God Mode has no name. On windows 10 you cannot give it a name. No matter how many times you rename it, it will always be a blank folder that you cannot rename. That’s God Mode! You cannot name it.

Windows 10 God Mode Not Working

God Mode not working? Try again and make sure you copy the correct CODE and paste it on his filename. For your convenience I will put the code on a separate textbox for easy copying.

In Conclusion:

We have now discovered that Windows 10 God Mode feature isn’t a crazy feature like something that make you God on your PC. It’s just a handy tool where you can manage your PC efficiently since it offers all the major control settings in just one folder!

5 Common Credit Card Scams That You Should Watch Out!

Scams are pretty much on every corner of the planet! Its like they are a part of the economy. Scammers are everywhere just waiting for you, waiting for an opening then they will strike. Some scammers will do their heist personally. They just sit on their chair and use a computer with internet and they can scam anybody so naïve just like you. The scam I am about to share to you is about credit card scams. Here are the five common credit card scams that you need to be aware off and easily prevent you from losing money.

Credit card scams mean when the hackers stole the card information through several methods or schemes that the naïve victim fall into. Hackers have high-tech knowledge of taking third party information well such as your credit card information that involves your name, credit card number, the CVV code and expiration date. Which all the information needs to start using your credit card.

Scammers uses the credit card and making legitimate purchases and making any payments online or even shopping locally if they have copied your whole credit card. Hundreds if not thousands fall trap on these credit card scams.

You should be glad that banks are upgrading their security system and providing their users a better and more secure banking experience such as enabling two-factor authentication method when buying something, they are hiring investigators to easily detect if anyone tries to hack the bank accounts’ information.

Here are the top 5 Credit Card Scams and How You Can Avoid Them


In 2019 more than 3$ million worth of credit card scams has been reported worldwide and 2.7$ million on the year before. That only means that these scammers are getting better on what they do. Without further ado here’s the top 5 most common credit card scams and we’ll help you avoid them.

Credit card or save up to a certain extent when the person uses the card with proper safety. Till today thousands of scams have taken place. Nowadays, people use credit cards at several places like while shopping online, purchasing online games, etc. The hacker installs software at different websites, which helps them to provide all the information.

The Top Five Credit Card Scams

Fake Shopping Website

Fake Shopping Website
Login into account in email envelope and fishing for private financial account information. Vector concept of phishing scam, hacker attack and web security

Hackers create their shopping websites and offer various discounts to attract customers. This is one of the most common credit card scams that every user can run into.

The primary purpose of making the website is to hack the card information of online shoppers. It is one of the simplest ways to create a scam and many falls for it. Especially women where they are so naïve with online hacking / scamming activities. The online payment technology has made payment easy but has also given rise to hacking.

Many people save their credit card information on an online website to make transactions in the future easily. The team of hackers steals the collected data. The person should prioritize cash on delivery instead of using credit cards. 

How to Avoid This Scam

Do not use your personal credit card when purchasing on unknown shopping website. Use cash on delivery method instead if they offer it. Otherwise, just forget about the website.

Before you use your personal credit card try using a fake credit card number with details first.

Fake WIFI connections

Many hackers trace the wifi details and try to hack personal information. Always buy products from genuine websites using only your trusted internet connection such as your own phone data. Or your own internet data device. They just connect to a FREE WIFI establishment as you do not know whose reading your data transmitted.

Be attentive while choosing WIFI network because it may cause a significant loss to the account holder.

How to Avoid This Scam

This scam is pretty easy to avoid. One should not connect to any untrusted WIFI network like the WIFI on your favorite café. Now, if you do not have a choice and need to connect to it. Then just use it with normally and do not buy anything online using that WIFI network. Browse the internet, check your social media accounts, update your Instagram account etc. Just remember do not input sensitive information such as your credit card information or login password.

Online Gaming Websites

Many people love playing games online. A lot of these games has their own monetary system that you can buy using real money and purchase your favorite item or character on the game. Avid players tempted to buy and eventually when they do they enter their credit card details to buy the game or credits or gold of their favorite game.

This method is fairly similar with the fake shopping website. Hackers target online gamers since some of them are just kids that uses their parents credit card which make them perfect victims.

How to Avoid This Scam

1. Now, if you are reading this meaning you are an adult with a credit card most probably. Don’t let anyone, yes anyone including your kids borrow your credit card or hide it somewhere where your kids cannot get access to it.
2. Buy only on legitimate websites.

Phone Call Frauds

Credit Card Scam Phone Call
Senior woman using phone while holding credit card.

Phone calls fraud is the simplest way to ask the information from the account holder. Hackers place the fake call and ask for the card details by creating a bewildering conversation game to the victim. Sometimes they lie to the users that their account is getting close, so if they will ask for your credit card information to avoid that from happening and the naïve victim provides the information.

The victim just handed out his / her credit card details and then minutes later you found out there has been a $5,000 worth of online purchase using your credit card.

How to Avoid This Scam

One should never share any sensitive information from your credit card. Even if they introduced their selves as someone from your bank. Even your bank will tell you to not share any information to any of their employees.

Game Account Hacking Scam

The scam / hacker will hack players game ID and password I don’t know how they could hack your game profile such as your Steam account but assuming that they do, they will use your saved credit card details and make another game purchase and send those details on their own accounts. The same card details are used to purchase other games.

The hacker keeps using the card until the balance gets to zero. The young generation is more into online games, so they need to keep their card details safe.

How to Avoid This Scam

One should avoid putting or saving credit card details for purchasing games from unknown sources.


Nowadays, one should be careful when making purchases using their credit cards and protecting their identity online. Many hackers have evolved and are better on what they do. Making fake websites is one thing. They are not only creating shopping websites but also making video games that attract kids. Some don’t even need to leave their house just to scam somebody. Children have the least knowledge of credit cards. Everyone should be responsible enough on their finances.

Taking care of your credit card is one of those. Go here for more detailed tips and tricks to avoid credit card scams. I hope you learn something and enjoyed the reading.

Method : Remove Activate Windows Watermark Permanently!

Are you currently seeing this annoying watermark on your Windows PC or Laptop? Of course you do! Otherwise, you won’t be here. LOL. Anyway as the title stated on this tutorial I am going to show to you how exactly you can remove the “Activate Windows” watermark permanently and be annoy-free!

This method works with Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. If you have a different version of windows such as windows 7 then you might just try it though I am not sure if its going to work since I only tried it with the 3 versions of Windows.

So why are you seeing this watermark of all the sudden? It’s simply because Windows found out that your version of the OS is not activated. They are simply reminding you you activate your Windows copy to enjoy more features. What are these features?

First off, Why You Need To Activate Your Windows OS?

To enjoy more features on an activated version of Windows. These features are as follows:

  • Activate Windows Defender – This feature is really important since its your first line of defense against malware and viruses.
  • Install Microsoft Office – did you know that you can’t install any microsoft office product unless you activate your OS? Now you know then activate it already.
  • Install security updates – this is really an important feature. Get your PC updated with the latest security updates.
  • Change your desktop wallpaper – probably the most important feature of all! Change your desktop wallpaper is the most crucial feature. If you can’t change your wallpaper then you are using a DEAD PC. It feels like the PC don’t belong to you! No customization sucks! You should thank me for saving your arse with this method.

How to Permanently Remove “Activate Windows” Watermark

Ok, the moment of truth. The method that you came here for. Its not that hard and involved various methods. Let’s start with the easiest and most effective method.

Method 1:

Using the Universal Watermark Disabler Tool

Remove Activate Windows Watermark Permanently
Remove Activate Windows Watermark Permanently
  • Run and install the uwd.exe file
  • After the successful install you will immediately notice the watermark is gone! Feels like magic!
  • Of course this process is not actually activating your Windows OS. You are simply removing the watermark. The above features will still not available.

Method 2:

Using only CMD or Command Prompt

The CMD method or Disable the Watermark using just a Command Prompt. You don’t know what command prompt? Google it! freaking Lazy….

  • Anyway to run CMD of command prompt simply go to your search bar and type “CMD” without quotes.
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using CMD
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using CMD
  • When you are now in the CMD type in bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF then hit enter
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using CMD 2
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using CMD
  • If successfull you will see a message “The operation completed successfully” if not then you will see “TESTSIGNING OFF FAILED” If this process failed then move on with the next method!

Method 3:

By Editing Registry Keys

Remove Activate Windows Watermark by editing the Registry keys!

  • Type in your search bar “REGEDIT” without quotes and hit enter if the Register Editor App appears.
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Regedit
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Regedit
  • Now go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Control Panel / Desktop. See image.
  • Double click the PaintDesktopVersion and edit its value from 1 to 0 (zero) and click on okay. See image.
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Regedit 2
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Regedit
  • Now when you notice the watermark is still there. Don’t worry. It will be gone after you restart your PC.

Method 4:

Using a Special Batch Script

  • Remove “Activate Windows” Watermark using this special script.
  • Go to this pastebin URL.
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Batch Script
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Batch Script
  • Copy the whole content or better yet download it as .txt file.
  • Now to the folder where you have downloaded the text file and rename it. Rename it with any name and change the filetype to .cmd and not .txt make sure you do this otherwise this wont work!
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Batch Script 2
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Batch Script
  • Now the file has been changed to a batch file.
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Batch Script 3
Remove Activate Windows Watermark using Batch Script
  • Now right click on the file and click on the “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR” you will see the process is running. I can’t show you screenshot as my copy of windows is already activated and no need to run this on my machine.
  • If everything went well it should remove the watermark after a RESTART.
  • Otherwise you will see an error message “Sorry! Your version is not supported”


Buy a legit Windows Serial Keys

  • This is probably the most easy method on how to remove the activate windows watermark forever! Plus you got to enjoy those special features I mentioned above.

And that my friend are the best and easiest methods on how you can remove the “Activate Windows” watermark your Windows desktop or laptop. I made it as easy as possible so users can follow without a fuss! Got questions? Comment below!

Legit and Easy Ways To Get Free Instagram Followers

On this post you will learn the quickest way on how to get 1,000 followers easily. No software needed and no money to spend! Absolutely FREE.

Apparently, as we all know, Instagram is one such platform and it is somewhere you can post pictures instantly. Having a good time with your family? Achieved something great? Experienced something terrible? Whatever the case, Instagram lets you share and get responses.

As a human, you are a social being and you need to be among people, know their opinions and talk to them about yours. Instagram is a great platform for that and the photos make it even more interesting. However, if you have fewer followers on Instagram, the number of responses may never satisfy you.

While waiting for others to comment on your life is not the healthiest way to go, having more followers is a necessity if you want to reach out to people for business purposes. The more followers you have, the more potential reach, sales and profit you will gain. One traditional way to get more followers is by paid advertisement.

If you are not ready for paying then you can try some simple method in which you can increase your Instagram followers free and steady, slow pace. But, let me tell you one thing- the followers you gain honestly are the ones that stay loyal. So, the question is how to get free Instagram followers and here are a few answers.

2 Ways To Get Get Free Instagram Followers

  • The Get Quick Instagram Followers method
  • The Boring but effective method

We will explain both method on this post on how exactly you could gain thousands of free Instagram followers. I like best the second method as it is easy and not boring.

The Get Quick Instagram Followers Method

This method requires a little bit of your time. But don’t worry this is very easy and 100% FREE. It asks for your time because you need to gather some points and use these points to get your FREE INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS. You ready? Here’s the method.

  • First Go to this link and sign up.
  • If you sign-up using that link you will get 100 free bonus credits. You will have to earn at least 300 credits to start using the platform and gain instagram followers.
  • The process of getting credits is ALL FREE. All you have to do is choose a platform example Twitter Followers platform. Click on that platform and follow some accounts each follow will get you anywhere from 25 – 10 credits. Now just follow at least 20 accounts and you will get 200 FREE POINTS.
  • You should have at least 300 points by now.
  • Now, to get instagram followers for your account click on the “ADD SITE/PAGE” and follow the image below on how to get it up.
Get Free Instagram Followers fast

Platform Explanation:

Type – This is the type of platform you want to choose. You can choose Twitter followers if you want to get twitter followers. On this post you will learn how to get instagram followers so I will choose Instagram Followers.

Countries : So if you wan to have followers from United States only then uncheck this checkbox and choose only United States. If not then leave it be. I suggest you check this box since you are not familiar on how many accounts the country has and may fail to obtain target followers.

Username: this is your instagram usrename that one that follows next to your instagram profile.

Total Clicks: This is the number of followers in total that you want to get. Since you just gained 300 points you can get 30 – 60 followers easily. So if you have tons of points then of course you will get more followers!

Daily Clicks: This one is a dripfeed feature. Say you put 10 only here. So you will get 10 daily followers until you reach the total clicks you set.

CPC: This is the cost per click. Or the cost per 1 follower. I set mine to 10 so I can quickly get the followers I want. You can set it to 5 but the followers will be slow to be added on your account. So if you have 300 points and set your CPC to 10. So 10 x 30 (total followers) is equals to 300. You cannot set higher total of followers since you only have few points. Gain more points and gain more followers!

The Boring but Effective Method:

Built Attractive Profile

Why would people follow you if they do not have anything interesting to see or read? First, decide what your profile will be on. It may just be your personal blog account or it may be a business profile. In fact, you have the option to choose between these profiles.

Use good photos / filters:

Attractive instagram profile

Once you do, make sure the profile name is attractive and so is the logo. Describe the purpose of your profile in short yet catchy sentences in the description. You can include links to your website here as well.

Now comes the main task. Instagram users won’t follow an empty account. Because you seek followers, fill up your profile. Post pictures that are nicely taken along with meaningful and attention-seeking captions.

Create a grid that looks amazing or at least is soothing to the eyes and does not cause OCD. In fact, check out profiles you like and pay attention to the details. Pay attention to how they put one color beside the other and one post after another.

If your content is good enough, you will at least gain the basic number of followers.

Post Periodically

Why do you use Instagram? To enjoy its benefits of course. And, the benefits include posting pictures and also stories. The best way to be in vogue and gain attention is by being active.

No matter what, try posting regularly following your own time schedule. Have you check out “Nas Daily?” Nas is a guy who posts a 1-minute long video every single day covering various topics traveling around the world. And he has quite a great number of followers and a fan base.

The trick is to let your followers know who you are and what you are up to. Whether it is you showing yourself or just conducting business, your existing followers should know what to tell their friend when they refer you.

Apart from that, active posts will gain more likes and comments. This is where Instagram comes in and makes things easier. The more likes and comments you produce, the more spread your presence will be.

Be active by posting stories as well. Apparently, usually at least one direct message is on its way when five stories are posted. The more interested people get, the more followers you will get.

You should keep your stories highlighted in an organized way so that your followers and visitors can get an even clear idea about you.

Encouragement Engagement

Encourage engagement in your posts

Even when you post about a product, you can make the most engaging. You can ask questions, or ask for opinions by writing about yours. This will let the customers relate to a situation and they will then talk about it in the comments.

You will not only be able to gain more followers but you will able to build loyal follower relationship as your followers can converse with you.

Use Hashtags and Locations.

Many times when we look for something, we just write its name and search. The best way to search on Instagram is by using a hashtag. So, always use a specific #hashtag related to your profile and product on your posts or use trending HashTag to get your photo/video listed down together with the #hashtag list of posts.

Use hashtag and location tag

However, do not use it too often as it may appear to be too desperate and people may find your profile for the wrong thing and get irritated.

Another such feature Instagram offers is location sharing. People often want to know what a real person in a location they are searching for looks like. As a result, adding the location will lead more people to your profile and help you gain more followers.

Conduct Contests and Giveaways.

You can host contests and giveaways where you spend really little for gaining a huge number of followers. Instagram contests usually involve the host telling their followers to do certain tasks and mentions friends in the comments.

contest and giveaways

This mentioning friends in the comments are the key to gaining more followers and there is a high chance these friends will follow you. Here are some list of common giveaways some users do in Instagram.

Get featured in Influential Profiles.

One good way to gain followers is to be featured on profiles that already have a huge number of followers. Profiles like Buzzfeed help you get more exposure. However, you will have to be very good at creating your content.

You can collaborate with influencers and famous bloggers as well.

Be Responsive Yourself and Target the Explore Tab.

If you want to gain followers, you have to be a follower as well. Find out communities that serve the same purpose as your profile. Stay by their side by commenting and conversing with them.

This will definitely increase your followers that too of the right kind. Apart from that, your target should be to reach the explore tab of others. If someone is interested in something your profile promotes, your profile should be so good that it reaches the explore tab of the user.

Bonus Tip:

In Conclusion

Having a great follower base is very beneficial when you are conducting business or need exposure. Instagram is a great way to advertise yourself and what you serve. Make sure you include the address of your Instagram profile in all your social media accounts and well as business cards. The harder you try, the more followers you will get.

However, it is best to not be too desperate that you lose followers. Just take it slow and steady and you will have a loyal, royal number of followers.

How to Get Rid of Sudden Persistent Pop-up Ads on Android Phone

So, you are casually using your android phone and suddenly this annoying ad popped-up from your Chrome or any internet browser depends on what you are using by default, interrupts what you are watching on Youtube or whatever. You got really annoyed by it and you start reviewing your installed apps on your settings and couldn’t find what app that persistently popping-up spam advertisements. Here’s how to get rid of sudden persistent pop-up ads.

Recently, I have come across on the same situation and I tried using my son’s android phone and noticed this persistent pop-up that constantly showing ads every now and then. My son keeps on complaining about it and when I finally look at it. It’s a malware app. I tried very hard to find out what app that was causing the spams. It took me time to find it out.

Steps I Made to Find the Malware App

Scan Installed Apps Permission

App persmission - How to Get Rid of Sudden Persistent Pop-up Ads on Android Phone

First, I tried scanning the installed-apps on my son’s phone and carefully checked the permission of every app. You want to check the permission so you can immediately conclude if the app can pop advertisement. To my dismay I haven’t found a single app that can do that.

Check Browsers Allowed Sites to Pop Notification

Next thing I tried is I checked the notifications of every browser on the phone. On google chrome I went to settings and notifications tab. Removed every site allowed in there.

But that didn’t fix the issue. The pop-up is still there. This time I was sure enough an external app that doing this pop.

I Installed AppWatch App

AppWatch App - Find out what causing pop-ups

This app has a tagline “AppWatch – Find out what app is causing pop-up ads” and it lived its tagline. This app is my savior. Right after installing it and allowed permission to monitor other apps. I start to casually use the phone and the annoying pop-up is pops. I immediately checked on AppWatch monitor status and I found this one app that is not on the Installed-apps and I was shocked.

How could an app that wasn’t listed on installed-apps be there? How can it hide itself? I know very sure that this app is not there because I almost uninstalled all game and unimportant apps on the phone and I would know for sure what apps is that.

I found out the problem app

The problem app is named Fish Shooting and I checked it on Google Play Store and it wasn’t there anymore. Probably because it’s a malware app. Google play probably removed it. Now, I mentioned the app is not listed on the installed-apps right? So, how did I get rid of it? Easy.

Appwatch app monitor for pop-up ads

I came back to AppWatch and clicked the small info icon beside the app and from there it redirects me to the installed app screen the screen that now you can remove the app. See image below. I’m sorry I don’t have the actual screenshot of the app since I removed it immediately.

Why the App Is not Listed on the Installed-App?

How to view system apps

Yes, I have the same question. This could be answered by probably the app is listed itself as a system app and system apps don’t immediately show on the first screen of installed-apps. You have to click on the top-right corner first and click on the “show system apps”. I’m not even sure if this is the correct answer but It’s the only logical answer I can think of.