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1. Is illegal?

- is no way illegal. In fact its the most legitimate way to get fake personal information. All the generated information on the website are not REAL. That includes names, addresses, emails, credit card information and so on. All information generated by are all random and does not hold in real life value.

2. How we generated these information?

- Name: We collect first names and surnames on the internet. The most common ones and widely used. We have a database of over 20,000 names and surnames categorized by ethnicity. Chances of getting your name displayed or someone you know is very slim.

- Birthdate: Birthdate are randomly generated according to the age choosen by the user.

- Address : Some of the addresses stored on our database DO NOT EXISTS. House numbers are definitely random and not REAL.

- City, State and ZIP codes: These information may be REAL. Since if you choose a State in the United States such as California we couldn't possible give you a fake city or zip code. So, it should match these information.

- Online details: such as username, email address and password. These information are randomly generated. However, the email address can use as a real email address, though its only for temporary use. We are using temporary email address service to generated random temporary email address.

- Physical Details: These details such as height and weight are randomly generated.

- Employment Details: These detials are randomly generated as well.

- Credit Card Detials: These financial information are generated using valid credit card numbers but with fake security information. We mean by valid is the credit card numbers are generated using the same formulat (MOD10) as of those real credit card number. However, CCV and expiration date are NOT REAL. And no, you cannot use this to buy something online.

- Other details: All information generated along the other details are 100% random.

3. Where to use the generated information?

- There are various uses of these information. Here are some examples:

  1. You can use the generated information to sign up on untrustworthy websites.
  2. If you want to protect your real information on schemely looking institution.
  3. You are testing a program or software and need quick information to fill your database.

4. Can i Buy something online using the credit card generator?

- No you can't. These credit card numbers are not REAL. They do not hold any real life value.